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ho. And whinn muinnuit flittsbit twinn her ttittshe cries1
tallmidy! Daughters of the heavens, be lucks in turnabouts2
to the wandering sons of red loam! The earth's atrot! The3
sun's a scream! The air's a jig. The water's great! Seven oldy4
oldy hills and the one blue beamer. I'm going. I know I am.5
I could bet I am. Somewhere I must get far away from Banba-6
shore, wherever I am. No saddle, no staffet, but spur on the7
moment! So I think I'll take freeboots' advise. Psk! I'll borrow8
a path to lend me wings, quickquack, and from Jehusalem's9
wall, clickclack, me courser's clear, to Cheerup street I'll travel10
the void world over. It's Winland for moyne, bickbuck! Jee-11
jakers! I hurt meself nettly that time! Come, my good frog-12
marchers! We felt the fall but we'll front the defile. Was not my13
olty mutther, Sereth Maritza, a Runningwater? And the bould14
one that quickened her the seaborne Fingale? I feel like that15
hill of a whaler went yulding round Groenmund's Circus with16
his tree full of seaweeds and Dinky Doll asleep in her shell.17
Hazelridge has seen me. Jerne valing is. Squall aboard for Kew,18
hop! Farewell awhile to her and thee! The brine's my bride to19
be. Lead on, Macadam, and danked be he who first sights Halt20
Linduff! Solo, solone, solong! Lood Erynnana, ware thee wail!21
With me singame soarem o'erem! Here's me take off. Now's22
nunc or nimmer, siskinder! Here goes the enemy! Bennydick23
hotfoots onimpudent stayers! Sorry! I bless alls to the whished24
with this panromain apological which Watllwewhistlem sang to25
the kerrycoys. Break ranks! After wage-of-battle bother I am26
thinking most. Fik yew! I'm through. Won. Toe. Adry. You27
watch my smoke.28
    After poor Jaun the Boast's last fireless words of postludium 29
of his soapbox speech ending in'sheaven, twentyaid add one with30
a flirt of wings were pouring to his bysistance (could they snip31
that curl of curls to lay with their gloves and keep the kids32
bright!) prepared to cheer him should he leap or to curse him33
should he fall, but, with their biga triga rheda rodeo, the cherubs34
in the charabang, set down here and sedan chair, don't you35
wish you'd a yoke or a bit in your mouth, repulsing all attempts36