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my hostilious by going in by the most holy recitatandas fortissimo for1
my varsatile examinations in the ologies, to be a coach on the2
Fukien mission. P? F? How used you learn me, brather3
soboostius, in my augustan days? With cesarella looking on.4
In the beginning was the gest he jousstly says, for the end is5
with woman, flesh-without-word, while the man to be is in a6
worse case after than before since she on the supine satisfies7
the verg to him! Toughtough, tootoological. Thou the first8
person shingeller. Art, an imperfect subjunctive. Paltry,9
flappent, had serious. Miss Smith onamatterpoetic. Hammis-10
andivis axes colles waxes warmas like sodullas. So pick your11
stops with fondnes snow. And mind you twine the twos12
noods of your nicenames. And pull up your furbelovs as far-13
above as you're farthingales. That'll hint him how to click the14
trigger. Show you shall and won't he will! His hearing is in-15
doubting just as my seeing is onbelieving. So dactylise him up16
to blankpoint and let him blink for himself where you speak the17
best ticklish. You'll feel what I mean. Fond namer, let me never18
see thee blame a kiss for shame a knee!19
    Echo, read ending! Siparioramoci! But from the stress of 20
their sunder enlivening, ay clasp, deciduously, a nikrokosmikon21
must come to mike.22
          Well, my positively last at any stage! I hate to look at alarms 23
but, however they put on my watchcraft, must now close as I24
hereby hear by ear from by seeless socks 'tis time to be up and25
ambling. Mymiddle toe's mitching, so mizzle I must else 'twill26
sarve me out. Gulp a bulper at parting and the moore the27
melodest! Farewell but whenever, as Tisdall told Toole.28
Tempos fidgets. Let flee me fiacckles, says the grand old mano-29
ark, stormcrested crowcock and undulant hair, hoodies tway!30
Yes, faith, I am as mew let freer, beneath me corthage, bound.31
I'm as bored now bawling beersgrace at sorepaws there as Andrew32
Clays was sharing sawdust with Daniel's old collie. This shack's33
not big enough for me now. I'm dreaming of ye, azores. And, re-34
member this, a chorines, there's the witch on the heath, sistra!35
'Bansheeba peeling hourihaared while her Orcotron is hoaring36