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bark is still there but the molars are gone. The misery billyboots1
I used to lend him before we split and, be the hole in the year,2
they were laking like heaven's reflexes. But I told him make your3
will be done and go to a general and I'd pray confessions for4
him. Areesh! Areesh! And I'll be your intrepider. Ambras!5
Ruffle her! Bussing was before the blood and bissing will behind6
the curtain. Triss! Did you note that worrid expressionism on7
his megalogue? A full octavium below me! And did you hear8
his browrings rattlemaking when he was preaching to himself?9
And, whoa! do you twig the schamlooking leaf greeping ghastly10
down his blousyfrock? Our national umbloom! Areesh! He11
won't. He's shoy. Those worthies, my old faher's onkel that12
was garotted, Caius Cocoa Codinhand, that I lost in a crowd,13
used to chop that tongue of his, japlatin, with my yuonkle's14
owlseller, Woowoolfe Woodenbeard, that went stomebathred,15
in the Tower of Balbus, as brisk, man, as I'd scoff up muttan16
chepps and lobscouse. But it's all deafman's duff to me,17
begob. Sam knows miles bettern me how to work the18
miracle. And I see by his diarrhio he's dropping the stammer19
out of his silenced bladder since I bonded him off more as a20
friend and as a brother to try and grow a muff and canonise his21
dead feet down on the river airy by thinking himself into the22
fourth dimension and place the ocean between his and ours,23
the churchyard in the cloister of the depths, after he was capped24
out of beurlads scoel for the sin against the past participle and25
earned the factitation of codding chaplan and being as homely26
gauche as swift B.A.A. Who gets twickly fullgets twice as alle-27
manden huskers. But the whacker his word the weaker our ears28
for auracles who parles parses orileys. Illstarred punster, lipster-29
ing cowknucks. 'Twas the quadra sent him and Trinity too. And30
he can cantab as chipper as any oxon ever I mood with, a tiptoe31
singer! He'll prisckly soon hand tune your Erin's ear for you.32
p.p. a mimograph at a time, numan bitter, with his ancomartins33
to read the road roman with false steps ad Pernicious from34
rhearsilvar ormolus to torquinions superbers while I'm far35
away from wherever thou art serving my tallyhos and tullying36