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You've surpassed yourself! Be introduced to yes! This is me aunt1
Julia Bride, your honour, dying to have you languish to scan-2
dal in her bosky old delltangle. You don't reckoneyes him? He's3
Jackot the Horner who boxed in his corner, jilting no fewer than4
three female bribes. That's his penals. Shervorum! You haven't5
seen her since she stepped into her drawoffs. Come on, spinister,6
do your stuff! Don't be shoy, husbandmanvir! Weih, what's on7
you, wip? Up the shamewaugh! She has plenty of woom in the8
smallclothes for the bothsforus, nephews push! Hatch yourself9
well! Enjombyourselves thurily! Would you wait biss she buds10
till you bite on her? Embrace her bashfully by almeans at my11
frank incensive and tell her in your semiological agglutinative yez,12
how Idos be asking after her. Let us be holy and evil and let her13
be peace on the bough. Sure, she fell in line with our tripertight14
photos as the lyonised mails when we were stablelads together15
like the corks again brothers, hungry and angry, cavileer16
grace by roundhered force, or like boyrun to sibster, me and17
you, shinners true and pinchme, our tertius quiddus, that never18
talked or listened. Always raving how we had the wrinkles of19
a snailcharmer and the slits and sniffers of a fellow that fell foul20
of the county de Loona and the meattrap of the first vegetarian.21
To be had for the asking. Have a hug! Take her out of poor22
tuppeny luck before she goes off in pure treple licquidance. I'd23
give three shillings a pullet to the canon for the conjugation to24
shadow you kissing her from me leberally all over as if she was a25
crucifix. It's good for her bilabials, you understand. There's no-26
thing like the mistletouch for finding a queen's earring false.27
Chink chink. As the curly bard said after kitchin the womn in28
his hym to the hum of her garments. You try a little tich to the29
tissle of his tail. The racist to the racy, rossy. The soil is for the30
self alone. Be ownkind. Be kithkinish. Be bloodysibby. Be irish.31
Be inish. Be offalia. Be hamlet. Be the property plot. Be Yorick 32
and Lankystare. Be cool. Be mackinamucks of yourselves. Be33
finish. No martyr where the preature is there's no plagues like34
rome. It gives up the gripes. Watch the swansway. Take your35
tiger over it. The leady on the lake and the convict of the forest.36