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knows I have the highest of respect of annyone in my oweand1
smooth way for that intellectual debtor (Obbligado!) Mushure2
David R. Crozier. And we're the closest of chems. Mark my use3
of you, cog! Take notice how I yemploy, crib! Be ware as you,4
I foil, coppy! It's a pity he can't see it for I'm terribly nice about5
him. Canwyll y Cymry, the marmade's flamme! A leal of the6
O'Looniys, a Brazel aboo! The most omportent man! Shervos!7
Ho, be the holy snakes, someone has shaved his rough diamond8
skull for him as clean as Nuntius' piedish! The burnt out9
mesh and the matting and all! Thunderweather, khyber schinker10
escapa sansa pagar! He's the spatton spit, so he is, scaly skin11
and all, with his blackguarded eye and the goatsbeard in12
his buttinghole of Shemuel Tulliver, me grandsourd, the old13
cruxader, when he off with his paudeen! That was to let the14
crowd of the Flu Flux Fans behind him see me proper. Ah,15
he's very thoughtful and sympatrico that way is Brother Intelli-16
gentius, when he's not absintheminded, with his Paris addresse!17
He is, really. Holdhard till you'll ear him clicking his bull's18
bones! Some toad klakkin! You're welcome back, Wilkins, to19
red berries in the frost! And here's the butter exchange to pfeife20
and dramn ye with a bawlful of the Moulsaybaysse and yunker21
doodler wanked to wall awriting off his phoney. I'm tired hair-22
ing of you. Hat yourself! Give us your dyed dextremity here,23
frother, the Claddagh clasp! I met with dapper dandy and he24
shocked me big the hamd. Where's your watch keeper? You've25
seen all sorts in shapes and sizes, marauding about the moppa-26
mound. How's the cock and the bullfight? And old Auster and27
Hungrig? And the Beer and Belly and the Boot and Ball? Not28
forgetting the oils of greas under that turkey in julep and Father29
Freeshots Feilbogen in his rockery garden with the costard? And30
did you meet with Peadhar the Grab at all? And did you call on31
Tower Geesyhus? Was Mona, my own love, no bigger than she32
should be, making up to you in her bestbehaved manor when33
you made your breastlaw and made her, tell me? And did you34
like the landskip from Lambay? I'm better pleased than ten35
guidneys! You rejoice me! Faith, I'm proud of you, french davit!36