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eucherised to yous. Also sacré père and maître d'autel. Well,1
ladies upon gentlermen and toastmaster general, let us, brindising2
brandisong, woo and win womenlong with health to rich vine-3
yards, Erin go Dry! Amingst the living waters of, the living in4
giving waters of. Tight! Loose! A stiff one for Staffetta mullified5
with creams of hourmony, the coupe that's chill for jackless jill and6
a filiform dhouche on Doris! Esterelles, be not on your weeping7
what though Shaunathaun is in his fail! To stir up love's young8
fizz I tilt with this bridle's cup champagne, dimming douce from9
her peepair of hideseeks, tightsqueezed on my snowybrusted and10
while my pearlies in their sparkling wisdom are nippling her11
bubblets I swear (and let you swear!) by the bumper round of12
my poor old snaggletooth's solidbowel I ne'er will prove I'm13
untrue to your liking (theare!) so long as my hole looks. Down.14
    So gullaby, me poor Isley! But I'm not for forgetting me 15
innerman monophone for I'm leaving my darling proxy behind16
for your consolering, lost Dave the Dancekerl, a squamous run-17
away and a dear old man pal of mine too. He will arrive inces-18
santly in the fraction of a crust, who, could he quit doubling and19
stop tippling, he would be the unicorn of his kind. He's the20
mightiest penumbrella I ever flourished on behond the shadow21
of a post! Be sure and link him, me O treasauro, as often as you22
learn provided there's nothing between you but a plain deal23
table only don't encourage him to cry lessontimes over Lepers-24
town. But soft! Can't be? Do mailstanes mumble? Lumtum25
lumtum! Now! The froubadour! I fremble! Talk of wolf in a26
stomach by all that's verminous! Eccolo me! The return of27
th'athlate! Who can secede to his success! Isn't Jaunstown,28
Ousterrike, the small place after all? I knew I smelt the garlic29
leek! Why, bless me swits, here he its, darling Dave, like30
the catoninelives just in time as if he fell out of space, all31
draped in mufti, coming home to mourn mountains from his32
old continence and not on one foot either or on two feet33
aether but on quinquisecular cycles after his French evolution34
and a blindfold passage by the 4.32 with the pork's pate in his35
suicide paw and the gulls laughing lime on his natural skunk,36