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end of your chapter, you citch water on the wagon for me being1
turned a star I'll dubeurry my two fesces under Pouts Vanisha2
Creme, their way for spilling cream, and, accent, umto extend3
my personnalitey to the latents, I'll boy me for myself only of4
expensive rainproof of pinked elephant's breath grey of the5
loveliest sheerest dearest widowshood over airforce blue I am6
so wild for, my precious once, Hope Bros., Faith Street, Charity7
Corner, as the bee loves her skyhighdeed, for I always had a8
crush on heliotrope since the dusess of yore cycled round the9
Finest Park, and listen. And never mind me laughing at what's10
atever! I was in the nerves but it's my last day. Always about11
this hour, I'm sorry, when our gamings for Bruin and Noselong12
is all oh you tease and afterdoon my lickle pussiness I stheal13
heimlick in my russians from the attraction part with my terri-14
blitall boots calvescatcher Pinchapoppapoff, who is going to be15
a jennyroll, at my nape, drenched, love, with dripping to affec-16
tionate slapmamma but last at night, look, after my golden vio-17
lents wetting in my upperstairs splendidly welluminated with18
such lidlylac curtains wallpapered to match the cat and a fire-19
please keep looking of priceless pearlogs I just want to see will20
he or are all Michales like that, I'll strip straight after devotions21
before his fondstare      and I mean it too, (thy gape to my gazing22
I'll bind and makeleash) and poke stiff under my isonbound with23
my soiedisante-chineknees cheeckchubby chambermate for the24
night's foreign males and your name of Shane will come forth25
between my shamefaced whesen with other lipth I nakest open26
my thight when just woken by his toccatootletoo my first morn-27
ing. So now, to thalk thildish, thome, theated with Mag at the28
oilthan we are doing to thay one little player before doing to29
deed. An a tiss to the tassie for lu and for tu! Coach me how to30
tumble, Jaime, and listen, with supreme regards, Juan, in haste,31
warn me which to ah ah ah ah....32
          MEN! Juan responded fullchantedly to her sororal sono- 33
rity, imitating himself capitally with his bubbleblown in his34
patapet and his chalished drink now well in hand. (A spilt, see,35
for a split, see see!) Ever gloriously kind! And I truly am36