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me in his wellingtons what you haven't got!), in one of those1
pure clean lupstucks of yours thankfully, Arrah of the passkeys,2
no matter what. You may be certain of that, fluff, now I know3
how to tackle. Lock my mearest next myself. So don't keep me4
now for a good boy for the love of my fragrant saint, you villain,5
peppering with fear, my goodless graceless, or I'll first murder6
you but, hvisper, meet me after by next appointment near you7
know Ships just there beside the Ship at the future poor fool's8
circuts of lovemountjoy square to show my disrespects now, let9
me just your caroline for you, I must really so late. Sweet pig,10
he'll be furious! How he stalks to simself louther and lover,11
immutating aperybally. My prince of the courts who'll beat me12
to love! And I'll be there when who knows where with the13
objects of which I'll knowor forget. We say. Trust us. Our14
game. (For fun!) The Dargle shall run dry the sooner I you15
deny. Whoevery heard of such a think? Till the ulmost of all16
elmoes shall stele our harts asthone! And Mrs A'Mara makes17
it up and befriends with Mrs O'Morum! I will write down all18
your names in my gold pen and ink. Everyday, precious, while19
m'm'ry's leaves are falling deeply on my Jungfraud's Messonge-20
book I will dream telepath posts dulcets on this isinglass stream21
(but don't tell him or I'll be the mort of him!) under the libans22
and the sickamours, the cyprissis and babilonias, where the23
frondoak rushes to the ask and the yewleaves too kisskiss them-24
selves and 'twill carry on my hearz'waves my still waters reflec-25
tions in words over Margrate von Hungaria, her Quaidy ways26
and her Flavin hair, to thee, Jack, ahoy, beyond the boysforus.27
Splesh of hiss splash springs your salmon. Twick twick, twinkle28
twings my twilight as Sarterday afternoon lex leap will smile on29
my fourinhanced twelvemonthsmind. And what's this I was30
going to say, dean? O, I understand. Listen, here I'll wait on thee31
till Thingavalla with beautiful do be careful teacakes, more stues-32
ser flavoured than Vanilla and blackcurrant there's a cure in, like33
a born gentleman till you'll resemble me, all the time you're34
awhile way, I swear to you, I will, by Candlemas! And listen,35
joey, don't be ennoyed with me, my old evernew, when, by the36