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Small wonder He'll Cheat E'erawan our local lads nicknamed him 1
When Chimpden first took the floor 2
    (Chorus) With his bucketshop store 3
                  Down Bargainweg, Lower. 4
So snug he was in his hotel premises sumptuous 6
But soon we'll bonfire all his trash, tricks and trumpery 7
And'tis short till sheriff Clancy'll be winding up his unlimited 8
                                                                                      [company 9
With the bailiff's bom at the door, 10
    (Chorus) Bimbam at the door. 11
                  Then he'll bum no more. 12
Sweet bad luck on the waves washed to our island 14
The hooker of that hammerfast viking 15
And Gall's curse on the day when Eblana bay 16
Saw his black and tan man-o'-war. 17
    (Chorus) Saw his man-o'-war. 18
                      On the harbour bar. 19
Where from? roars Poolbeg. Cookingha'pence, he bawls Donnez- 21
    [moi scampitle, wick an wipin'fampiny 22
Fingal Mac Oscar Onesine Bargearse Boniface 23
Thok's min gammelhole Norveegickers moniker 24
Og as ay are at gammelhore Norveegickers cod. 25
    (Chorus) A Norwegian camel old cod. 26
                    He is, begod. 27
Lift it, Hosty, lift it, ye devil ye! up with the rann, the rhyming 29
                                                                                              [rann! 30
It was during some fresh water garden pumping 31
Or, according to the Nursing Mirror, while admiring the mon- 32
                                                                                          [keys 33
That our heavyweight heathen Humpharey 34
Made bold a maid to woo 35
    (Chorus) Woohoo, what'll she doo! 36
                      The general lost her maidenloo! 37