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as far as come back under all my eyes like my sapphire chap-1
lets of ringarosary I will say for you to the Allmichael and2
solve qui pu while the dovedoves pick my mouthbuds (msch!3
msch!) with nurse Madge, my linkingclass girl, she's a fright,4
poor old dutch, in her sleeptalking when I paint the measles5
on her and mudstuskers to make her a man. We. We. Issy6
done that, I confesh! But you'll love her for her hessians7
and sickly black stockies, cleryng's jumbles, salvadged from8
the wash, isn't it the cat's tonsils! Simply killing, how she9
tidies her hair! I call her Sosy because she's sosiety for me10
and she says sossy while I say sassy and she says will11
you have some more scorns while I say won't you take a few12
more schools and she talks about ithel dear while I simply13
never talk about athel darling; she's but nice for enticing my14
friends and she loves your style considering she breaksin me15
shoes for me when I've arch trouble and she would kiss my16
white arms for me so gratefully but apart from that she's17
terribly nice really, my sister, round the elbow of Erne street18
Lower and I'll be strictly forbidden always and true in my own19
way and private where I will long long to betrue you along with20
one who will so betrue you that not once while I betreu him not21
once well he be betray himself. Can't you understand? O bother,22
I must tell the trouth! My latest lad's loveliletter I am sore I done23
something with. I like him lots coss he never cusses. Pity bon-24
hom. Pip pet. I shouldn't say he's pretty but I'm cocksure he's25
shy. Why I love taking him out when I unletched his cordon26
gate. Ope, Jack, and atem! Obealbe myodorers and he dote so.27
He fell for my lips, for my lisp, for my lewd speaker. I felt for28
his strength, his manhood, his do you mind? There can be no29
candle to hold to it, can there? And, of course, dear professor, I30
understand. You can trust me that though I change thy name31
though not the letter never while I become engaged with my32
first horsepower, masterthief of hearts, I will give your lovely33
face of mine away, my boyish bob, not for tons of donkeys, to34
my second mate, with the twirlers the engineer of the passio-35
flower (O the wicked untruth! whot a tell! that he has bought36