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teeny witween piece torn in one place from my hands in second1
place of a linenhall valentino with my fondest and much left to2
tutor. X.X.X.X. It was heavily bulledicted for young Fr Ml,3
my pettest parriage priest, and you know who between us by4
your friend the pope, forty ways in forty nights, that's the5
beauty of it, look, scene it, ratty. Too perfectly priceless for6
words. And, listen, now do enhance me, oblige my fiancy and7
bear it with you morn till life's e'en and, of course, when never8
you make usage of it, listen, please kindly think galways again9
or again, never forget, of one absendee not sester Maggy. Ahim.10
That's the stupidest little cough. Only be sure you don't catch your11
cold and pass it on to us. And, since levret bounds and larks is12
soaring, don't be all the night. And this, Joke, a sprig of blue13
speedwell just a spell of floralora so you'll mind your veronique.14
Of course, Jer, I know you know who sends it, presents that15
please, mercy, on the face of the waters like that film obote,16
awfly charmig of course, but it doesn't do her justice, apart from17
her cattiness, in the magginbottle. Of course, please too write,18
won't you, and leave your little bag of doubts, inquisitive, be-19
hind you unto your utterly thine, and, thank you, forward it20
back by return pigeon's pneu to the loving in case I couldn't21
think who it was or any funforall happens I'll be so curiose to22
see in the Homesworth breakfast tablotts as I'll know etherways23
by pity bleu if it's good for my system, what exquisite buttons,24
gorgiose, in case I don't hope to soon hear from you. And thanks25
ever so many for the ten and the one with nothing at all on. I will26
tie a knot in my stringamejip to letter you with my silky paper,27
as I am given now to understand it will be worth my price in28
money one day so don't trouble to ans unless sentby special as29
I am getting his pay and wants for nothing so I can live simply30
and solely for my wonderful kinkless and its loops of loveliness.31
When I throw away my rollets there's rings for all. Flee a girl,32
says it is her colour. So does B and L and as for V! And listen33
to it! Cheveluir! So distant you're always. Bow your boche!34
Absolutely perfect! I will pack my comb and mirror to praxis35
oval owes and artless awes and it will follow you pulpicly36