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cup of scald! You could trot a mouse on it. I ingoyed your pick1
of hissing hot luncheon fine, I did, thanks awfully, (sublime!)2
Tenderest bully ever I ate with the boiled protestants (allinoilia3
allinoilia!) only for your peas again was a taste of tooth psalty to4
carry flavour with my godown and hereby return with my best5
savioury condiments and a penny in the plate for the jemes.6
O.K. Oh Kosmos! Ah Ireland! A.I. And for kailkannonkabbis7
gimme Cincinnatis with Italian (but ci vuol poco!) ciccalick cheese,8
Haggis good, haggis strong, haggis never say die! For quid we9
have recipimus, recipe, O lout! And save that, Oliviero, for thy10
sunny day! Soupmeagre! Couldn't look at it! But if you'll buy me11
yon coat of the vairy furry best, I'll try and pullll it awn mee. It's in12
fairly good order and no doubt 'twill sarve to turn. Remove this13
boardcloth! Next stage, tell the tabler, for a variety of Hugue-14
not ligooms I'll try my set on edges grapeling an aigrydoucks,15
grilled over birchenrods, with a few bloomancowls in albies.16
I want to get outside monasticism. Mass and meat mar no man's17
journey. Eat a missal lest. Nuts for the nerves, a flitch for the flue18
and for to rejoice the chambers of the heart the spirits of the19
spice isles, curry and cinnamon, chutney and cloves. All the vital-20
mines is beginning to sozzle in chewn and the hormonies to21
clingleclangle, fudgem, kates and eaps and naboc and erics and22
oinnos on kingclud and xoxxoxo and xooxox xxoxoxxoxxx till23
I'm fustfed like fungstif and very presently from now posthaste24
it's off yourll see me ryuoll on my usual rounds again to draw25
Terminus Lower and Killadown and Letternoosh, Letterspeak,26
Lettermuck to Littorananima and the roomiest house even in27
Ireland, if you can understamp that, and my next item's platform28
it's how I'll try and collect my extraprofessional postages owing29
to me by Thaddeus Kellyesque Squire, dr, for nondesirable30
printed matter. The Jooks and the Kelly-Cooks have been31
milking turnkeys and sucking the blood out of the marshalsea32
since the act of First Offenders. But I know what I'll do. Great33
pains off him I'll take and that'll be your redletterday calendar,34
window machree! I'll knock it out of him! I'll stump it out of35
him! I'll rattattatter it out of him before I'll quit the doorstep of36