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hurricanes in our Cohortyard, no cupahurling nor apuckalips1
nor no puncheon jodelling nor no nothing. With the Byrns2
which is far better and eve for ever your idle be. You will hardly3
reconnoitre the old wife in the new bustle and the farmer shinner4
in his latterday paint. It's the fulldress Toussaint's wakeswalks5
experdition after a bail motion from the chamber of horrus.6
Saffron buns or sovran bonhams whichever you'r avider to like7
it and lump it, but give it a name. Iereny allover irelands. And8
there's food for refection when the whole flock's at home. Hog-9
manny di'yegut? Hogmanny di'yesmellygut? And hogmanny10
di'yesmellyspatterygut? You take Joe Hanny's tip for it! Post-11
martem is the goods. With Jollification a tight second. Toborrow12
and toburrow and tobarrow! That's our crass, hairy and ever-13
grim life, till one finel howdiedow Bouncer Naster raps on the14
bell with a bone and his stinkers stank behind him with the15
sceptre and the hourglass. We may come, touch and go, from16
atoms and ifs but we're presurely destined to be odd's without17
ends. Here we moult in Moy Kain and flop on the seemy side,18
living sure of hardly a doorstep for a stopgap, with Whogoes-19
there and a live sandbag round the corner. But upmeyant, Pro-20
spector, you sprout all your abel and woof your wings dead21
certain however of neuthing whatever to aye forever while22
Hyam Hyam's in the chair. Ah, sure, pleasantries aside, in the tail23
of the cow what a humpty daum earth looks our miseryme here-24
today as compared beside the Hereweareagain Gaieties of the25
Afterpiece when the Royal Revolver of these real globoes lets26
regally fire of his mio colpo for the chrisman's pandemon to give27
over and the Harlequinade to begin properly SPQueaRking28
Mark Time's Finist Joke. Putting Allspace in a Notshall.29
    Well, the slice and veg joint's well in its way, and so is a 30
ribroast and jackknife as sporten dish, but home cooking every-31
time. Mountains good mustard and, with the helpings of ladies'32
lickfings and gentlemen's relish, I've eaten a griddle. But I fill33
twice as stewhard what I felt before when I'm after eating a few34
natives. The crisp of the crackling is in the chawing. Give us an-35
other cup of your scald. Santos Mozos! That was a damn good36