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mother would lay her new golden sheegg for me down under in1
the shy orient. What wouldn't I poach       the rent in my river-2
side, my otther shoes, my beavery, honest!       ay, and melt my3
belt for a dace feast of grannom with the finny ones, those happy4
greppies in their minnowahaw, flashing down the swansway,5
leaps ahead of the swift MacEels, the big Gillaroo redfellows6
and the pursewinded carpers, rearin antis rood perches astench7
of me, or, when I'd like own company best, with the help of a8
norange and bear, to be reclined by the lasher on my logansome,9
my g.b.d. in my f.a.c.e., solfanelly in my shellyholders and lov'd10
latakia, the benuvolent, for my nosethrills, with the jealosomines11
wilting away to their heart's deelight and the king of saptimber12
letting down his humely odours for my consternation, dapping13
my griffeen, burning water in the spearlight or catching trophies14
of the king's royal college of sturgeone by the armful for to bake15
pike and pie while, O twined me abower in L'Alouette's Tower,16
all Adelaide's naughtingerls juckjucking benighth me, I'd ga-17
mut my twittynice Dorian blackbudds chthonic solphia off my18
singasongapiccolo to pipe musicall airs on numberous fairy-19
aciodes. I give, a king, to me, she does, alone, up there, yes see,20
I double give, till the spinney all eclosed asong with them. Isn't21
that lovely though? I give to me alone I trouble give! I may have22
no mind to lamagnage the forte bits like the pianage but you23
can't cadge me off the key. I've a voicical lilt too true. Nomario!24
And bemolly and jiesis! For I sport a whatyoumacormack in the25
latcher part of my throughers. And the lark that I let fly (olala!)26
is as cockful of funantics as it's tune to my fork. Naturale you27
might lower register me as diserecordant, but I'm athlone in the28
lillabilling of killarnies. That's flat. Yet ware the wold, you!29
What's good for the gorse is a goad for the garden. Lethals lurk30
heimlocked in logans. Loathe laburnums. Dash the gaudy death-31
cup! Bryony O'Bryony, thy name is Belladama! But enough of32
greenwood's gossip. Birdsnests is birdsnests. Thine to wait but33
mine to wage. And now play sharp to me. Doublefirst I'll head34
foremost through all my examhoops. And what sensitive coin35
I'd be possessed of at Latouche's, begor, I'd sink it sumtotal, every36