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score, phonoscopically incuriosited and melancholic this time1
whiles, as on the fulmament he gaped in wulderment, his on-2
saturncast eyes in stellar attraction followed swift to an imagin-3
ary swellaw, O, the vanity of Vanissy! All ends vanishing! Pur-4
sonally, Grog help me, I am in no violent hurry. If time enough5
lost the ducks walking easy found them. I'll nose a blue fonx6
with any tristys blinking upon this earthlight of all them that7
pass by the way of the deerdrive, conconey's run or wilfrid's8
walk, but I'd turn back as lief as not if I could only spoonfind9
the nippy girl of my heart's appointment, Mona Vera Toutou10
Ipostila, my lady of Lyons, to guide me by gastronomy under11
her safe conduct. That's more in my line. I'd ask no kinder of12
fates than to stay where I am, with my tinny of brownie's tea,13
under the invocation of Saint Jamas Hanway, servant of Gamp,14
lapidated, and Jacobus a Pershawm, intercissous, for my thuri-15
fex, with Peter Roche, that frind of my boozum, leaning on my16
cubits, at this passing moment by localoption in the birds' lodg-17
ing, me pheasants among, where I'll dreamt that I'll dwealth mid18
warblers' walls when throstles and choughs to my sigh hiehied,19
with me hares standing up well and me longlugs dittoes, where20
a maurdering row, the fox! has broken at the coward sight till21
well on into the beausome of the exhaling night, pinching stop-22
andgo jewels out of the hedges and catching dimtop brilliants23
on the tip of my wagger but for that owledclock (fast cease to it!)24
has just gone twoohoo the hour and that yen breezes zipping25
round by Drumsally do be devils to play fleurt. I could sit on safe26
side till the bark of Saint Grouseus for hoopoe's hours, till heoll's27
hoerrisings, laughing lazy at the sheep's lightning and turn a wida-28
most ear dreamily to the drummling of snipers, hearing the wire-29
less harps of sweet old Aerial and the mails across the nightrives30
(peepet! peepet!) and whippoor willy in the woody (moor park!31
moor park!) as peacefed as a philopotamus, and crekking jugs32
at the grenoulls, leaving tealeaves for the trout and belleeks for the33
wary till I'd followed through my upfielded neviewscope the34
rugaby moon cumuliously godrolling himself westasleep amuckst35
the cloudscrums for to watch how carefully my nocturnal goose-36