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self and take a good longing gaze into any nearby shopswindow1
you may select at suppose, let us say, the hoyth of number2
eleven, Kane or Keogh's, and in the course of about thirtytwo3
minutes' time proceed to turn aroundabout on your heehills to-4
wards the previous causeway and I shall be very cruelly mis-5
taken indeed if you will not be jushed astunshed to see how you6
will be meanwhile durn weel topcoated with kakes of slush7
occasioned by the mush jam of the cross and blackwalls traffic8
in transit. See Capels and then fly. Show me that complaint book9
here. Where's Cowtends Kateclean, the woman with the muckrake?10
When will the W.D. face of our sow muckloved d'lin, the Troia11
of towns and Carmen of cities, crawling with mendiants in per-12
forated clothing, get its wellbelavered white like l'pool and13
m'chester? When's that grandnational goldcapped dupsydurby14
houspill coming with its vomitives for our mothers-in-load and15
stretchers for their devitalised males? I am all of me for freedom16
of speed but who'll disasperaguss Pope's Avegnue or who'll17
uproose the Opian Way? Who'll brighton Brayhowth and bait18
the Bull Bailey and never despair of Lorcansby? The rampant19
royal commissioners! 'Tis an ill weed blows no poppy good. And20
this labour's worthy of my higher. Oil for meed and toil for feed21
and a walk with the band for Job Loos. If I hope not charity what22
profiteers me? Nothing! My tippers of flags are knobs of hard-23
shape for it isagrim tale, keeping the father of curls from the24
sport of oak. Do you know what, liddle giddles? One of those25
days I am advised by the smiling voteseeker who's now snoring26
elued to positively strike off hiking for good and all as I bldy27
well bdly ought until such temse as some mood is made under28
privy-sealed orders to get me an increase of automoboil and foot-29
wear for these poor discalced and a bourse from bon Somewind for30
a cure at Badanuweir (though where it's going to come from this31
time      ) as I sartunly think now, honest to John, for an income32
plexus that that's about the sanguine boundary limit. Amean.33
    Sis dearest, Jaun added, with voise somewhit murky, what 34
though still high fa luting, as he turned his dorse to her to pay35
court to it, and ouverleaved his booseys to give the note and36