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cals and be instrumental to utensilise, help our Jakeline sisters1
clean out the hogshole and generally ginger things up. Meliorism2
in massquantities, raffling receipts and sharing sweepstakes till3
navel, spokes and felloes hum like hymn. Burn only what's Irish,4
accepting their coals. You will soothe the cokeblack bile that's5
Anglia's and touch Armourican's iron core. Write me your6
essayes, my vocational scholars, but corsorily, dipping your7
nose in it, for Henrietta's sake, on mortinatality in the life of8
jewries and the sludge of King Haarington's at its height, running9
boulevards over the whole of it. I'd write it all by mownself if10
I only had here of my jolly young watermen. Bear in mind, by11
Michael, all the provincial's bananas peels and elacock eggs mak-12
ing drawadust jubilee along Henry, Moore, Earl and Talbot13
Streets. Luke at all the memmer manning he's dung for the pray14
of birds, our priest-mayor-king-merchant, strewing the Castle-15
knock Road and drawing manure upon it till the first glimpse of16
Wales and from Ballses Breach Harshoe up to Dumping's Comer17
with the Mirist fathers' brothers eleven versus White Friars out18
on a rogation stag party. Compare them caponchin trowlers19
with the Bridge of Belches in Fairview, noreast Dublin's favourite20
souwest wateringplatz and ump as you lump it. What do you21
mean by Jno Citizen and how do you think of Jas Pagan?22
Compost liffe in Dufblin by Pierce Egan with the baugh in23
Baughkley of Fino Ralli. Explain why there is such a number24
of orders of religion in Asea! Why such an order number in25
preference to any other number? Why any number in any order26
at all? Now? Where is the greenest island off the black coats27
of Spaign? Overset into universal: I am perdrix and upon my28
pet ridge. Oralmus! Way, O way for the autointaxication of29
our town of the Fords in a huddle! Hailfellow some wellmet30
boneshaker or, to ascertain the facts for herself, run up your31
showeryweather once and trust and take the Drumgondola tram32
and, wearing the midlimb and vestee endorsed by the hierarchy33
fitted with ecclastics, bending your steps, pick a trail and stand34
on, say, Aston's, I advise you strongly, along quaith a copy of35
the Seeds and Weeds Act when you have procured one for your-36