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multipede like the sands on Amberhann! Sevenheavens, O heaven!1
Iy waount yiou! yore ways to melittleme were wonderful so2
Ickam purseproud in sending uym loveliest pansiful thoughts3
touching me dash in-you through wee dots Hyphen, the so4
pretty arched godkin of beddingnights. If I've proved to your5
sallysfashion how I'm a man of Armor let me so, let me sue, let6
me see your isabellis. How I shall, should I survive, as, please the7
uniter of U.M.I. hearts, I am living in hopes to do, replacing8
mig wandering handsup in yawers so yeager for mitch, positively9
cover the two pure chicks of your comely plumpchake with10
zuccherikissings, hong, kong, and so gong, that I'd scare the bats11
out of the ivfry one of those puggy mornings, honestly, by my12
rantandog and daddyoak I will, become come coming when,13
upon the mingling of our meeting waters, wish to wisher, like14
massive mountains to part no more, you will there and then, in15
those happy moments of ouryour soft accord, rainkiss on me16
back, for full marks with shouldered arms, and in that united17
I.R.U. stade, when I come (touf! touf!) wildflier's fox into my18
own greengeese again, swap sweetened smugs, six of one for half19
a dozen of the other, till they'll bet we're the cuckoo derby20
when cherries next come back to Ealing as come they must, as21
they musted in their past, as they must for my pressing season,22
as hereinafter must they chirrywill immediately suant on my23
safe return to ignorance and bliss in my horseless Coppal Poor,24
through suirland and noreland, kings country and queens, with25
my ropes of pearls for gamey girls the way ye'll hardly. Knowme.26
    Slim ye, come slum with me and rally rats' roundup! 'Tis 27
post purification we will, sales of work and social service,28
missus, completing our Abelite union by the adoptation of29
fosterlings. Embark for Euphonia! Up Murphy, Henson and30
O'Dwyer, the Warchester Warders! I'll put in a shirt time31
if you'll get through your shift and between us in our shared32
slaves, brace to brassiere and shouter to shunter, we'll pull off our33
working programme. Come into the garden guild and be free34
of the gape athome! We'll circumcivicise all Dublin country.35
Let us, the real Us, all ignite in our prepurgatory grade as apos-36