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angry boils with certain references to the Deity, seeking relief1
in alcohol and so on, general omnibus character with a dash of2
railwaybrain, stale cough and an occasional twinge of claudication,3
having his favourite fecundclass family of upwards of a decade,4
both harefoot and loadenbrogued, to boot and buy off, Imean.5
    So let it be a knuckle or an elbow, I hereby admonish you! 6
It may all be topping fun but it's tip and run and touch and flow7
for every whack when Marie stopes Phil fluther's game to go.8
Arms arome, side aside, face into the wall. To the tumble of the9
toss tot the trouble of the swaddled, O. And lest there be no10
misconception, Miss Forstowelsy, over who to fasten the plight-11
forlifer on (threehundred and thirty three to one on Rue the12
Day!) when the nice little smellar squalls in his crydle what the13
dirty old bigger'll be squealing through his coughin you better14
keep in the gunbarrel straight around vokseburst as I recommence15
you to (you gypseyeyed baggage, do you hear what I'm praying?)16
or, Gash, without butthering my head to assortail whose stroke17
forced or which struck backly, I'll be all over you myselx hori-18
zontally, as the straphanger said, for knocking me with my name19
and yourself and your babybag down at such a greet sacrifice with20
a rap of the gavel to a third price cowhandler as cheap as the nig-21
gerd's dirt (for sale!) or I'll smack your fruitflavoured jujube lips22
well for you, so I will well for you, if you don't keep a civil tongue23
in your pigeonhouse. The pleasures of love lasts but a fleeting but24
the pledges of life outlusts a lieftime. I'll have it in for you. I'll25
teach you bed minners, tip for tap, to be playing your oddaugghter26
tangotricks with micky dazzlers if I find corsehairs on your27
river-frock and the squirmside of your burberry lupitally covered28
with chiffchaff and shavings. Up Rosemiry Lean and Potanasty29
Rod you wos, wos you? I overstand you, you understand. Ask-30
ing Annybettyelsas to carry your parcels and you dreaming of31
net glory. You'll ging naemaer wi'Wolf the Ganger. Cutting32
chapel, were you? and had dates with slickers in particular33
hotels, had we? Lonely went to play your mother, isod? You was34
wiffriends? Hay, dot's a doll yarn! Mark mean then! I'll homeseek35
you, Luperca as sure as there's a palatine in Limerick and in36