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behaitch like solitar. We are all eyes. I have his quoram of1
images all on my retinue, Mohomadhawn Mike. Brassup! More-2
over after that, bad manners to me, if I don't think strongly about3
giving the brotherkeeper into custody to the first police bubby4
cunstabless of Dora's Diehards in the field I might chance to5
follopon. Or for that matter, for your information, if I get the6
wind up what do you bet in the buckets of my wrath I mightn't7
even take it into my progromme, as sweet course, to do a rash act8
and pitch in and swing for your perfect stranger in the meadow9
of heppiness and then wipe the street up with the clonmellian,10
pending my bringing proceedings verses the joyboy before a11
bunch of magistrafes and twelve good and gleeful men? Filius12
nullius per fas et nefas. It should prove more or less of an event13
and show the widest federal in my cup. He'll have pansements14
then for his pensamientos, howling for peace. Pretty knocks, I15
promise him with plenty burkes for his shins. Dumnlimn wimn16
humn. In which case I'll not be complete in fighting lust until I17
contrive to half kill your Charley you're my darling for you and18
send him to Home Surgeon Hume, the algebrist, before his ap-19
pointed time, particularly should he turn out to be a man in brown20
about town, Rollo the Gunger, son of a wants a flurewaltzer to21
Arnolff's, picking up ideas, of well over or about fiftysix or so,22
pithecoid proportions, with perhops five foot eight, the usual23
X Y Z type, R.C. Toc H, nothing but claret, not in the studbook24
by a long stortch, with a toothbrush moustache and jawcrockeries,25
alias grinner through collar, and of course no beard, meat and26
colmans suit, with tar's baggy slacks, obviously too roomy for27
him and springside boots, washing tie, Father Mathew's bridge28
pin, sipping some Wheatley's at Rhoss's on a barstool, with some29
pubpal of the Olaf Stout kidney, always trying to poorchase mov-30
ables by hebdomedaries for to putt in a new house to loot, cigarette31
in his holder, with a good job and pension in Buinness's, what32
about our trip to Normandy style conversation, with an oc-33
casional they say that filmacoulored featured at the Mothrapurl34
skrene about Michan and his lost angeleens is corkyshows do35
morvaloos, blueygreen eyes a bit scummy developing a series of36