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pressdom. Apply your five wits to the four verilatest. The Arsdi-1
ken's An Traitey on Miracula or Viewed to Death by a Priest2
Hunter is still first in the field despite the castle bar, William3
Archer's a rompan good cathalogue and he'll give you a riser on4
the route to our nazional labronry. Skim over Through Hell5
with the Papes (mostly boys) by the divine comic Denti Alligator6
(exsponging your index) and find a quip in a quire arisus aream7
from bastardtitle to fatherjohnson. Swear aloud by pious fiction8
the like of Lentil Lore by Carnival Cullen or that Percy Wynns9
of our S. J. Finn's or Pease in Plenty by the Curer of Wars,10
licensed and censered by our most picturesque prelates, Their11
Graces of Linzen and Petitbois, bishops of Hibernites, licet ut12
lebanus, for expansion on the promises, the two best sells on the13
market this luckiest year, set up by Gill the father, put out by Gill14
the son and circulating disimally at Gillydehooly's Cost. Strike up15
a nodding acquaintance for our doctrine with the works of old16
Mrs Trot, senior, and Manoel Canter, junior, and Loper de Figas,17
nates maximum. I used to follow Mary Liddlelambe's flitsy tales,18
espicially with the scentaminted sauce. Sifted science will do your19
arts good. Egg Laid by Former Cock and With Flageolettes in Send20
Fanciesland. Chiefly girls. Trip over sacramental tea into the long21
lives of our saints and saucerdotes, with vignettes, cut short into22
instructual primers by those in authority for the bittermint of your23
soughts. Forfet not the palsied. Light a match for poor old24
Contrabally and send some balmoil for the schizmatics. A hemd25
in need is aye a friendly deed. Remember, maid, thou dust art26
powder but Cinderella thou must return (what are you robbing27
her sleeve for, Ruby? And pull in your tongue, Polly!). Cog that28
out of your teen times, everyone. The lad who brooks no29
breaches lifts the lass that toffs a tailor. How dare ye be laughing30
out of your mouthshine at the lack of that? Keep cool your fresh31
chastity which is far better far. Sooner than part with that vesta-32
lite emerald of the first importance, descended to me by far from33
our family, which you treasure up so closely where extremes34
meet, nay, mozzed lesmended, rather let the whole ekumene35
universe belong to merry Hal and do whatever his Mary well36