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when closehended together behind locked doors, kissing steadily,1
(malbongusta, it's not the thing you know!) with the calfloving2
selfseeker, under the influence of woman, inching up to you, dis-3
arranging your modesties and fumbling with his forte paws in your4
bodice after your billy doos twy as a first go off (take care, would5
you stray and split on me!) and going on doing his idiot every6
time you gave him his chance to get thick and play pigglywiggly,7
making much of you, bilgetalking like a ditherer, gougouzoug,8
about your glad neck and the round globe and the white milk and9
the red raspberries (O horrifier!) and prying down furthermore to10
chance his lucky arm with his pregnant questions up to our past11
lives. What has that caught to sing with him? The next fling12
you'll be squitting on the Tubber Nakel, pouring pitchers to the13
well for old Gloatsdane's glorification and the postequities of14
the Black Watch, peeping private from the Bush and Rangers.15
And our local busybody, talker-go-bragk. Worse again! Off of16
that praying fan on to them priars! It would be a whorable state17
of affairs altogether for the redcolumnists of presswritten epics,18
Peter Paragraph and Paulus Puff, (I'm keepsoaking them to cover19
my concerts) to get ahold of for their balloons and shoot you20
private by surprise, considering the marriage slump that's on this21
oil age and pulexes three shillings a pint and wives at six and22
seven when domestic calamities belame par and newlaids bellow23
mar for the twenty twotoosent time thwealthy took thousands24
in the slack march of civilisation were you, becoming guilty of25
unleckylike intoxication to have and to hold, to pig and to pay26
direct connection, qua intervener, with a prominent married member27
of the vicereeking squad and, in consequence of the therein-28
under subpenas, be flummoxed to the second degree by becoming a29
detestificated companykeeper on the dammymonde of Luca-30
lamplight. Anything but that, for the fear and love of gold! Once31
and for all, I'll have no college swankies (you see, I am well32
voiced in love's arsenal and all its overtures from collion boys33
to colleen bawns so I have every reason to know that rogues'34
gallery of nightbirds and bitchfanciers, lucky duffs and light35
lindsays, haughty hamiltons and gay gordons, dosed, doctored36