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borning. Let the love ladleliked at the eye girde your gastricks1
in the gym. Nor must you omit to screw the lid firmly on that2
jazz jiggery and kick starts. Bumping races on the flat and point3
to point over obstacles. Ridewheeling that acclivisciously up4
windy Rutland Rise and insighting rebellious northers before the5
saunter of the city of Dunlob. Then breretonbiking on the free6
with your airs of go-be-dee and your heels upon the handlebars.7
Berrboel brazenness! No, before your corselage rib is decartilaged,8
that is to mean if you have visceral ptossis, my point is, making9
allowances for the fads of your weak abdominal wall and your10
liver asprewl, vinvin, vinvin, or should you feel, in shorts, as11
though you needed healthy physicking exorcise to flush your12
kidneys, you understand, and move that twelffinger bowel and13
threadworm inhibitating it, lassy, and perspire freely, lict your14
lector in the lobby and why out you go by the ostiary on to15
the dirt track and skip! Be a sportive. Deal with Nature the great16
greengrocer and pay regularly the monthlies. Your Punt's Per-17
fume's only in the hatpinny shop beside the reek of the rawny.18
It's more important than air       I mean than eats       air (Oop, I19
never open momouth but I pack mefood in it) and promotes that20
natural emotion. Stamp out bad eggs. Why so many puddings21
prove disappointing, as Dietician says, in Creature Comforts22
Causeries, and why so much soup is so muck slop. If we23
could fatten on the elizabeetons we wouldn't have teeth like24
the hippopotamians. However. Likewise if I were in your25
envelope shirt I'd keep my weathereye well cocked open for26
your furnished lodgers paying for their feed on tally with27
company and piano tunes. Only stuprifying yourself! The too28
friendly friend sort, Mazourikawitch or some other sukinsin of29
a vitch, who he's kommen from olt Pannonia on this porpoise30
whom sue stooderin about the maul and femurl artickles and who31
mix himself so at home mid the musik and spanks the ivory32
that lovely for this your Mistro Melosiosus MacShine MacShane33
may soon prove your undoing and bane through the succeeding34
years of rain should you, whilst Jaun is from home, get used to35
basking in his loverslowlap, inordinately clad, moustacheteasing,36