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please of being at a party to any demoralizing home life. That1
saps a chap. Keep cool faith in the firm, have warm hoep in the2
house and begin frem athome to be chary of charity. Where it3
is nobler in the main to supper than the boys and errors of out-4
rager's virtue. Give back those stolen kisses; restaure those all-5
cotten glooves. Recollect the yella perals that all too often beset6
green gerils, Rhidarhoda and Daradora, once they gethobby-7
horsical, playing breeches parts for Bessy Sudlow in flesh-8
coloured pantos instead of earthing down in the coalhole trying9
to boil the big gun's dinner. Leg-before-Wicked lags-behind-10
Wall where here Mr Whicker whacked a great fall. Femora-11
familla feeled it a candleliked but Hayes, Conyngham and Erobin-12
son sware it's an egg. Forglim mick aye! Stay, forestand and13
tillgive it! Remember the biter's bitters I shed the vigil I buried14
our Harlotte Quai from poor Mrs Mangain's of Britain Court on15
the feast of Marie Maudlin. Ah, who would wipe her weeper dry16
and lead her to the halter? Sold in her heyday, laid in the straw,17
bought for one puny petunia. Moral: if you can't point a lily get18
to henna out of here! Put your swell foot foremost on foulardy19
pneumonia shertwaists, irriconcilible with true fiminin risirvi-20
tion and ribbons of lace, limenick's disgrace. Sure, what is it on the21
whole only holes tied together, the merest and transparent washing-22
tones to make Languid Lola's lingery longer? Scenta Clauthes23
stiffstuffs your hose and heartsies full of temptiness. Vanity flee24
and Verity fear! Diobell! Whalebones and buskbutts may hurt25
you (thwackaway thwuck!) but never lay bare your breast sec-26
ret (dickette's place!) to joy a Jonas in the Dolphin's Barncar27
with your meetual fan, Doveyed Covetfilles, comepulsing payn-28
attention spasms between the averthisment for Ulikah's wine and29
a pair of pulldoors of the old cupiosity shape. There you'll fix30
your eyes darkled on the autocart of the bringfast cable but here31
till youre martimorphysed please sit still face to face. For if the32
shorth of your skorth falls down to his knees pray how wrong33
will he look till he rises? Not before Gravesend is commuted. But34
now reappears Autist Algy, the pulcherman and would-do per-35
former, oleas Mr Smuth, stated by the vice crusaders to be well36