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mon for ignitious Purpalume to the proper of Francisco Ultramare,1
last of scorchers, third of snows, in terrorgammons howdydos.2
Here she's, is a bell, that's wares in heaven, virginwhite, Undetri-3
gesima, vikissy manonna. Doremon's! The same or similar to be4
kindly observed within the affianced dietcess of Gay O'Toole5
and Gloamy Gwenn du Lake (Danish spoken!) from Manducare6
Monday up till farrier's siesta in china dominos. Words taken in7
triumph, my sweet assistance, from the sufferant pen of our joco-8
sus inkerman militant of the reed behind the ear.9
    Never miss your lostsomewhere mass for the couple in Myles 10
you butrose to brideworship. Never hate mere pork which is bad11
for your knife of a good friday. Never let a hog of the howth12
trample underfoot your linen of Killiney. Never play lady's game13
for the Lord's stake. Never lose your heart away till you win his14
diamond back. Make a strong point of never kicking up your15
rumpus over the scroll end of sofas in the Dar Bey Coll Cafeteria16
by tootling risky apropos songs at commercial travellers' smokers17
for their Columbian nights entertainments the like of White limbs18
they never stop teasing or Minxy was a Manxmaid when Murry19
wor a Man. And, by the bun, is it you goes bisbuiting His Esaus20
and Cos and then throws them bag in the box? Why the tin's21
nearly empty. First thou shalt not smile. Twice thou shalt not22
love. Lust, thou shalt not commix idolatry. Hip confiners help23
compunction. Never park your brief stays in the men's con-24
venience. Never clean your buttoncups with your dirty pair of25
sassers. Never ask his first person where's your quickest cut to26
our last place. Never let the promising hand usemake free of27
your oncemaid sacral. The soft side of the axe! A coil of cord, a28
colleen coy, a blush on a bush turned first man's laughter into29
wailful moither. O foolish cuppled! Ah, dice's error! Never dip30
in the ern while you've browsers on your suite. Never slip the31
silver key through your gate of golden age. Collide with man,32
collude with money. Ere you sail foreget my prize. Where you33
truss be circumspicious and look before you leak, dears. Never34
christen medlard apples till a swithin is in sight. Wet your thistle35
where a weed is and you'll rue it, despyneedis. Especially beware36