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Palmwine breadfruit sweetmeat milksoup! Suasusopo! However!1
Our people here in Somoanesia will not be forgetting you2
and the elders luking and marking the jornies, chalking up drizzle3
in drizzle out on the four bare mats. How you would be thinking4
in thoughts how deepings did it all begin and how you5
would be scrimmaging through your scruples to collar a hold of6
an imperfection being committled. Sireland calls you. Mery Loye7
is saling moonlike. And Slyly mamourneen's ladymaid at Glads-6
house Lodge. Turn your coat, strong character, and tarry among9
us down the vale, yougander, only once more! And may the mosse10
of prosperousness gather you rolling home! May foggy dews be-11
diamondise your hooprings! May the fireplug of filiality reinsure12
your bunghole! May the barleywind behind glow luck to your13
bathershins! 'Tis well we know you were loth to leave us,14
winding your hobbledehorn, right royal post, but, aruah sure,15
pulse of our slumber, dreambookpage, by the grace of Votre16
Dame, when the natural morning of your nocturne blankmerges17
into the national morning of golden sunup and Don Leary gets18
his own back from old grog Georges Quartos as that goodship the19
Jonnyjoys takes the wind from waterloogged Erin's king, you20
will shiff across the Moylendsea and round up in your own21
escapology some canonisator's day or other, sack on back, alack!22
digging snow, (not so?) like the good man you are, with your23
picture pockets turned knockside out in the rake of the rain for24
fresh remittances and from that till this in any case, timus tenant,25
may the tussocks grow quickly under your trampthickets and26
the daisies trip lightly over your battercops.27