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slackfoot, linkman laizurely, lampman loungey, and by Killesther's1
lapes and falls, with corks, staves and treeleaves and more bub-2
bles to his keelrow a fairish and easy way enough as the town cow3
cries behind the times in the direction of Mac Auliffe's, the crucet-4
house, Open the Door Softly, down in the valley before he was5
really uprighted ere in a dip of the downs (uila!) he spoorlessly6
disappaled and vanesshed, like a popo down a papa, from circular7
circulatio. Ah, mean!8
    Gaogaogaone! Tapaa! 9
    And the stellas were shinings. And the earthnight strewed 10
aromatose. His pibrook creppt mong the donkness. A reek was11
waft on the luftstream. He was ours, all fragrance. And we were12
his for a lifetime. O dulcid dreamings languidous! Taboccoo!13
    It was sharming! But sharmeng! 14
    And the lamp went out as it couldn't glow on burning, yep, the 15
lmp wnt out for it couldn't stay alight.16
    Well, (how dire do we thee hours when thylike fades!) all's dall 17
and youllow and it is to bedowern that thou art passing hence,18
mine bruder, able Shaun, with a twhisking of the robe, ere the 19
morning of light calms our hardest throes, beyond cods' cradle 20
and porpoise plain, from carnal relations undfamiliar faces, to the21
inds of Tuskland where the oliphants scrum till the22
ousts of Amiracles where the toll stories grow proudest, more is23
the pity, but for all your deeds of goodness you were soo ooft and24
for ever doing, manomano and myriamilia even to mulimuli, as25
our humbler classes, whose virtue is humility, can tell, it is hardly26
we in the country of the old, Sean Moy, can part you for, oleypoe,27
you were the walking saint, you were, tootoo too stayer, the28
graced of gods and pittites and the salus of the wake. Countenance29
whose disparition afflictedly fond Fuinn feels. Winner of the30
gamings, primed at the studience, propredicted from the story-31
bouts, the choice of ages wise! Spickspookspokesman of our32
specturesque silentiousness! Musha, beminded of us out there in33
Cockpit, poor twelve o'clock scholars, sometime or other any-34
when you think the time. Wisha, becoming back to us way home35
in Biddyhouse one way or either anywhere we miss your smile.36