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and oath by the awe of Shaun (and that's a howl of a name!) that1
I will commission to the flames any incendiarist whosoever or2
ahriman howsoclever who would endeavour to set ever annyma3
roner moother of mine on fire. Rock me julie but I will soho!4
    And, with that crickcrackcruck of his threelungged squool 5
from which grief had usupped every smile, big hottempered6
husky fusky krenfy strenfy pugiliser, such as he was, he virtually7
broke down on the mooherhead, getting quite jerry over her,8
overpowered by himself with the love of the tearsilver that9
he twined through her hair for, sure, he was the soft semplgawn10
slob of the world with a heart like Montgomery's in his showchest11
and harvey loads of feeling in him and as innocent and undesign-12
ful as the freshfallen calef. Still, grossly unselfish in sickself, he13
dished allarmes away and laughed it off with a wipe at his pud-14
gies and a gulp apologetic, healing his tare be the smeyle of his15
oye, oogling around. Him belly no belong sollow mole pigeon.16
Ally bully. Fu Li's gulpa. Mind you, now, that he was in the17
dumpest of earnest orthough him jawr war hoo hleepy hor halk18
urthing hurther. Moe like that only he stopped short in looking19
up up upfrom his tide shackled wrists through the ghost of an20
ocean's, the wieds of pansiful heathvens of joepeter's gaseytotum21
as they are telling not but were and will be, all told, scruting fore-22
back into the fargoneahead to feel out what age in years tropical,23
ecclesiastic, civil or sidereal he might find by the sirious pointstand24
of Charley's Wain (what betune the spheres sledding along the25
lacteal and the mansions of the blest turning on old times) as ere-26
while had he craved of thus, the dreamskhwindel necklassoed him,27
his thumbs fell into his fists and, lusosing the harmonical balance28
of his ballbearing extremities, by the holy kettle, like a flask of29
lightning over he careened (O the sons of the fathers!) by the30
mightyfine weight of his barrel (all that prevented the happering31
of who if not the asterisks betwink themselves shall ever?) and,32
as the wisest postlude course he could playact, collaspsed in en-33
semble and rolled buoyantly backwards in less than a twink-34
ling via Rattigan's corner out of farther earshot with his highly35
curious mode of slipashod motion, surefoot, sorefoot, slickfoot,36