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my lather. Like you. And as I was plucking his goosybone. Like1
yea. He store the tale of me shur. Like yup. How's that for2
          Still in a way, not to flatter you, we fancy you that you are 4
so strikingly brainy and well letterread in yourshelves as ever were5
the Shamous Shamonous, Limited, could use worse of yourself, in-6
genious Shaun, we still so fancied, if only you would take your7
time so and the trouble of so doing it. Upu now!8
          Undoubtedly but that is show, Shaun replied, the mutter- 9
melk of his blood donor beginning to work, and while innocent10
of disseminating the foul emanation, it would be a fall day I11
could not, sole, so you can keep your space and by the power of12
blurry wards I am loyable to do it (I am convicted of it!) any time13
ever I liked (bet ye fippence off me boot allowance!) with the14
allergrossest transfusiasm as, you see, while I can soroquise the15
Siamanish better than most, it is an openear secret, be it said,16
how I am extremely ingenuous at the clerking even with my17
badily left and, arrah go braz, I'd pinsel it with immenuensoes18
as easy as I'd perorate a chickerow of beans for the price of two19
maricles and my trifolium librotto, the authordux Book of Lief,20
would, if given to daylight, (I hold a most incredible faith about21
it) far exceed what that bogus bolshy of a shame, my soamheis22
brother, Gaoy Fecks, is conversant with in audible black and23
prink. Outragedy of poetscalds! Acomedy of letters! I have24
them all, tame, deep and harried, in my mine's I. And one of25
these fine days, man dear, when the mood is on me, that I26
may willhap cut my throat with my tongue tonight but I will27
be ormuzd moved to take potlood and introvent it Paatryk just28
like a work of merit, mark my words and append to my mark29
twang, that will open your pucktricker's ops for you, broather30
brooher, only for, as a papst and an immature and a nayophight31
and a spaciaman spaciosum and a hundred and eleven other things,32
I would never for anything take so much trouble of such doing.33
And why so? Because I am altogether a chap too fly and hairyman34
for to infradig the like of that ultravirulence. And by all I hold35
sacred on earth clouds and in heaven I swear to you on my piop36