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and Bruda Pszths and Brat Slavos. One temp when he foiled to1
be killed, the freak wanted to put his bilingual head intentionally2
through the Ikish Tames and go and join the clericy as a demoni-3
can skyterrier. Throwing dust in the eyes of the Hooley Fer-4
mers! He used to be avowdeed as he ought to be vitandist. For5
onced I squeaked by twyst I'll squelch him. Then he went to6
Cecilia's treat on his solo to pick up Galen. Asbestopoulos! Inku-7
pot! He has encaust in the blood. Shim! I have the outmost con-8
tempt for. Prost bitten! Conshy! Tiberia is waiting on you,9
arestocrank! Chaka a seagull ticket at Gattabuia and Gabbiano's!10
Go o'er the sea, haythen, from me and leave your libber to TCD.11
Your puddin is cooked! You're served, cram ye! Fatefully12
yaourth . . . Ex. Ex. Ex. Ex.13
          But for what, thrice truthful teller, Shaun of grace? weakly 14
we went on to ask now of the gracious one. Vouchsafe to say.15
You will now, goodness, won't you? Why?16
          For his root language, if you ask me whys, Shaun replied, 17
as he blessed himself devotionally like a crawsbomb, making act18
of oblivion, footinmouther! (what the thickuns else?) which he19
picksticked into his lettruce invrention. Ullhodturdenweirmud-20
surtkrinmgernrackinarockar! Thor's for yo!22
          The hundredlettered name again, last word of perfect lan- 23
guage. But you could come near it, we do suppose, strong Shaun24
O', we foresupposed. How?25
          Peax! Peax! Shaun replied in vealar penultimatum. 'Tis 26
pebils before Sweeney's as he swigged a slug of Jon Jacobsen27
from his treestem sucker cane. Mildbut likesome! I might as28
well be talking to the four waves till tibbes grey eves and the29
rests asleep. Frost! Nope! No one in his seven senses could as30
I have before said, only you missed my drift, for it's being in-31
cendiary. Every dimmed letter in it is a copy and not a few of the32
silbils and wholly words I can show you in my Kingdom of33
Heaven. The lowquacity of him! With his threestar monothong!34
Thaw! The last word in stolentelling! And what's more right-35
down lowbrown schisthematic robblemint! Yes. As he was rising36