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jameymock farceson in Shemish like a mouther of the incas with1
a garcielasso huw Ananymus pinched her tights and about the2
Balt with the markshaire parawag and his loyal divorces, when he3
feraxiously shed ovas in Alemaney, tse tse, all the tell of the tud4
with the bourighevisien backclack, and him, the cribibber like an5
ambitrickster, aspiring like the decan's, fast aslooped in the in-6
trance to his polthronechair with his sixth finger between his cats-7
eye and the index, making his pillgrimace of Childe Horrid, en-8
grossing to his ganderpan what the idioglossary he invented under9
hicks hyssop! Hock! Ickick gav him that toock, imitator! And it10
was entirely theck latter to blame. Does he drink because I am sorely11
there shall be no more Kates and Nells. If you see him it took12
place there. It was given meeck, thank the Bench, to assist at the13
whole thing byck special chancery licence. As often as I think of14
that unbloody housewarmer, Shem Skrivenitch, always cutting15
my prhose to please his phrase, bogorror, I declare I get the16
jawache! Be me punting his reflection he'd begin his beogre-17
fright in muddyass ribalds. Digteter! Grundtsagar! Swop beef!18
You know he's peculiar, that eggschicker, with the smell of old19
woman off him, to suck nothing of his switchedupes. M.D. made20
his ante mortem for him. He was grey at three, like sygnus the21
swan, when he made his boo to the public and barnacled up to the22
eyes when he repented after seven. The alum that winters on his23
top is the stale of the staun that will soar when he stambles till24
that hag of the coombe rapes the pad off his lock. He was down25
with the whooping laugh at the age of the loss of reason the26
whopping first time he prediseased me. He's weird, I tell you, and27
middayevil down to his vegetable soul. Never mind his falls28
feet and his tanbark complexion. That's why he was forbidden29
tomate and was warmed off the ricecourse of marrimoney, under30
the Helpless Corpses Enactment. I'm not at all surprised the saint31
kicked him whereby the sum taken Berkeley showed the reason32
genrously. Negas, negasti      negertop, negertoe, negertoby, ne-33
grunter! Then he was pusched out of Thingamuddy's school34
by Miss Garterd, for itching. Then he caught the europicolas and35
went into the society of jewses. With Bro Cahlls and Fran Czeschs36