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Patersen's Matches. Unto his promisk hands. Blown up last1
Lemmas by Orchid Lodge. Search Unclaimed Male. House Con-2
damned by Ediles. Back in Few Minutes. Closet for Repeers. 603
Shellburn. Key at Kate's. Kiss. Isaac's Butt, Poor Man. Dalicious4
arson. Caught. Missing. Justiciated. Kainly forewarred. Abraham5
Badly's King, Park Bogey. Salved. All reddy berried. Hollow and6
eavy. Desert it. Overwayed. Understrumped. Back to the P.O.7
Kaer of. Ownes owe M.O. Too Let. To Be Soiled. Cohabited8
by Unfortunates. Lost all Licence. His Bouf Toe is Frozen Over.9
X, Y and Z, Ltd, Destinied Tears. A.B, ab, Sender. Boston10
(Mass). 31 Jun. 13, 12. P.D. Razed. Lawyered. Vacant. Mined.11
Here's the Bayleaffs. Step out to Hall out of that, Ereweaker,12
with your Bloody Big Bristol. Bung. Stop. Bung. Stop. Cumm13
Bumm. Stop. Came Baked to Auld Aireen. Stop.14
          Kind Shaun, we all requested, much as we hate to say it, 15
but since you rose to the use of money have you not, without16
suggesting for an instant, millions of moods used up slanguage17
tun times as words as the penmarks used out in sinscript with such18
hesitancy by your cerebrated brother      excuse me not men-19
          CelebrAted! Shaun replied under the sheltar of his brog- 21
uish, vigorously rubbing his magic lantern to a glow of full-22
consciousness. HeCitEncy! Your words grates on my ares.23
Notorious I rather would feel inclined to myself in the first place24
to describe Mr O'Shem the Draper with before letter as should25
I be accentually called upon for a dieoguinnsis to pass my opinions,26
properly spewing, into impulsory irelitz. But I would not care to27
be so unfruitful to my own part as to swear for the moment posi-28
tively as to the views of Denmark. No, sah! But let me say my29
every belief before my high Gee is that I much doubt of it. I've no30
room for that fellow on my fagroaster, I just can't. As I hourly31
learn from Rooters and Havers through Gilligan's maypoles in32
a nice pathetic notice he, the pixillated doodler, is on his last with33
illegible clergimanths boasting always of his ruddy complexious!34
She, the mammy far, was put up to it by him, the iniquity that35
ought to be depraved of his libertins to be silenced, sackclothed36