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Flummery is what I would call it if you were to ask me to put it1
on a single dimension what pronounced opinion I might possibly2
orally have about them bagses of trash which the mother and3
Mr Unmentionable (O breed not his same!) has reduced to writ-4
ing without making news out of my sootynemm. When she5
slipped under her couchman. And where he made a cat with a6
peep. How they wore two madges on the makewater. And why7
there were treefellers in the shrubrubs. Then he hawks his hand-8
mud figgers from Francie to Fritzie down in the kookin. Phiz9
is me mother and Hair's me father. Bauv Betty Famm and Pig10
Pig Pike. Their livetree (may it flourish!) by their ecotaph (let it11
stayne!). With balsinbal bimbies swarming tiltop. Comme bien,12
Comme bien! Feefeel! Feefeel! And the Dutches dyin loffin at13
his pon peck de Barec. And all the mound reared. Till he wot not14
wot to begin he should. An infant sailing eggshells on the floor15
of a wet day would have more sabby.16
    Letter, carried of Shaun, son of Hek, written of Shem, brother 17
of Shaun, uttered for Alp, mother of Shem, for Hek, father of18
Shaun. Initialled. Gee. Gone. 29 Hardware Saint. Lendet till19
Laonum. Baile-Atha-Cliath. 31 Jan. 1132 A.D. Here Com-20
merces Enville. Tried Apposite House. 13 Fitzgibbets. Loco.21
Dangerous. Tax 9d. B.L. Guineys, esqueer. L.B. Not known at22
1132 a. 12 Norse Richmound. Nave unlodgeable. Loved noa's23
dress. Sinned, Jetty Pierrse. Noon sick parson. 92 Windsewer.24
Ave. No such no. Vale. Finn's Hot. Exbelled from 1O14 d. Pull-25
down. Fearview. Opened by Miss Take. 965 nighumpledan sexti-26
ffits. Shout at Site. Roofloss. Fit Dunlop and Be Satisfied. Mr.27
Domnall O'Domnally. Q.V. 8 Royal Terrors. None so strait.28
Shutter up. Dining with the Danes. Removed to Philip's Burke.29
At sea. D.E.D. Place scent on. Clontalk. Father Jacob, Rice30
Factor. 3 Castlewoos. P.V. Arrusted. J.P. Converted to Hos-31
pitalism. Ere the March past of Civilisation. Once Bank of Ireland's.32
Return to City Arms. 2 Milchbroke. Wrongly spilled. Traumcon-33
draws. Now Bunk of England's. Drowned in the Laffey. Here.34
The Reverest Adam Foundlitter. Shown geshotten. 7 Streetpetres.35
Since Cabranke. Seized of the Crownd. Well, Sir Arthur. Buy36