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Partiprise my thinwhins whiles my blink points unbroken on1
Your whole's whercabroads with Tout's trightyright token on.2
My in risible universe youdly haud find3
Sulch oxtrabeeforeness meat soveal behind.4
Your feats end enormous, your volumes immense,5
(May the Graces I hoped for sing your Ondtship song sense!),6
Your genus its worldwide, your spacest sublime!7
But, Holy Saltmartin, why can't you beat time?8
    In the name of the former and of the latter and of their holo- 9
caust. Allmen.10
          Now? How good you are in explosition! How farflung is 11
your fokloire and how velktingeling your volupkabulary! Qui12
vive sparanto qua muore contanto. O foibler, O flip, you've that13
wandervogl wail withyin! It falls easily upon the earopen and goes14
down the friskly shortiest like treacling tumtim with its tingting-15
taggle. The blarneyest blather in all Corneywall! But could you,16
of course, decent Lettrechaun, we knew (to change your name of17
not your nation) while still in the barrel, read the strangewrote18
anaglyptics of those shemletters patent for His Christian's Em?19
          Greek! Hand it to me! Shaun replied, plosively pointing to 20
the cinnamon quistoquill behind his acoustrolobe. I'm as after-21
dusk nobly Roman as pope and water could christen me. Look22
at that for a ridingpin! I am, thing Sing Larynx, letter potent to23
play the sem backwards like Oscan wild or in shunt Persse trans-24
luding from the Otherman or off the Toptic or anything off the25
types of my finklers in the draught or with buttles, with my oyes26
thickshut and all. But, hellas, it is harrobrew bad on the corns and27
callouses. As far as that goes I associate myself with your remark28
just now from theodicy re'furloined notepaper and quite agree in29
your prescriptions for indeed I am, pay Gay, in juxtaposition to30
say it is not a nice production. It is a pinch of scribble, not31
wortha bottle of cabbis. Overdrawn! Puffedly offal tosh! Be-32
sides its auctionable, all about crime and libel! Nothing beyond33
clerical horrors et omnibus to be entered for the foreign as second-34
class matter. The fuellest filth ever fired since Charley Lucan's.35