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Heppy's hevn shall flurrish my haine shall hurrish! Shall grow,1
shall flourish! Shall hurrish! Hummum.2
    The Ondt was a weltall fellow, raumybult and abelboobied, 3
bynear saw altitudinous wee a schelling in kopfers. He was sair4
sair sullemn and chairmanlooking when he was not making spaces5
in his psyche, but, laus! when he wore making spaces on his ikey,6
he ware mouche mothst secred and muravyingly wisechairman-7
looking. Now whim the sillybilly of a Gracehoper had jingled8
through a jungle of love and debts and jangled through a jumble9
of life in doubts afterworse, wetting with the bimblebeaks, drik-10
king with nautonects, bilking with durrydunglecks and horing11
after ladybirdies (ichnehmon diagelegenaitoikon) he fell joust as12
sieck as a sexton and tantoo pooveroo quant a churchprince, and13
wheer the midges to wend hemsylph or vosch to sirch for grub14
for his corapusse or to find a hospes, alick, he wist gnit! Bruko15
dry! fuko spint! Sultamont osa bare! And volomundo osi vide-16
vide! Nichtsnichtsundnichts! Not one pickopeck of muscow-17
money to bag a tittlebits of beebread! Iomio! Iomio! Crick's18
corbicule, which a plight! O moy Bog, he contrited with melan-19
ctholy. Meblizzered, him sluggered! I am heartily hungry!20
    He had eaten all the whilepaper, swallowed the lustres, de- 21
voured forty flights of styearcases, chewed up all the mensas and22
seccles, ronged the records, made mundballs of the ephemerids23
and vorasioused most glutinously with the very timeplace in the24
ternitary       not too dusty a cicada of neutriment for a chittinous25
chip so mitey. But when Chrysalmas was on the bare branches,26
off he went from Tingsomingenting. He took a round stroll and27
he took a stroll round and he took a round strollagain till the28
grillies in his head and the leivnits in his hair made him thought29
he had the Tossmania. Had he twicycled the sees of the deed30
and trestraversed their revermer? Was he come to hevre with his31
engiles or gone to hull with the poop? The June snows was32
flocking in thuckflues on the hegelstomes, millipeeds of it and33
myriopoods, and a lugly whizzling tournedos, the Boraborayel-34
lers, blohablasting tegolhuts up to tetties and ruching sleets off35
the coppeehouses, playing ragnowrock rignewreck, with an irri-36