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pence, some rhino, rhine, O joyoust rhine, was handled over spon-1
daneously by me (and bundle end to my illwishers' Miss Anders!2
she woor her wraith of ruins the night she lost I left!) in the ligname3
of Mr van Howten of Tredcastles, Clowntalkin, timbreman, among4
my prodigits nabobs and navious of every subscription entitled5
the Bois in the Boscoor, our evicted tenemants. What I say is (and6
I am noen roehorn or culkilt permit me to tell you, if uninformed),7
I never spont it. Nor have I the ghuest of innation on me the way8
to. It is my rule so. It went anyway like hot pottagebake. And9
this brings me to my fresh point. Quoniam, I am as plain as10
portable enveloped, inhowmuch, you will now parably receive,11
care of one of Mooseyeare Goonness's registered andouterthus12
barrels. Quick take um whiffat andrainit. Now!13
          So vi et! we responded. Song! Shaun, song! Have mood! 14
Hold forth!15
          I apologuise, Shaun began, but I would rather spinooze 16
you one from the grimm gests of Jacko and Esaup, fable one,17
feeble too. Let us here consider the casus, my dear little cousis18
ghhobixhatouxpeswchbechoscashlcarcarcaract) of the Ondt and20
the Gracehoper.21
    The Gracehoper was always jigging ajog, hoppy on akkant 22
of his joyicity, (he had a partner pair of findlestilts to supplant23
him), or, if not, he was always making ungraceful overtures to24
Floh and Luse and Bienie and Vespatilla to play pupa-pupa and25
pulicy-pulicy and langtennas and pushpygyddyum and to com-26
mence insects with him, there mouthparts to his orefice and his27
gambills to there airy processes, even if only in chaste, ameng28
the everlistings, behold a waspering pot. He would of curse29
melissciously, by his fore feelhers, flexors, contractors, depres-30
sors and extensors, lamely, harry me, marry me, bury me, bind31
me, till she was puce for shame and allso fourmish her in Spin-32
ner's housery at the earthsbest schoppinhour so summery as his33
cottage, which was cald fourmillierly Tingsomingenting, groped34
up. Or, if he was always striking up funny funereels with Bester-35
farther Zeuts, the Aged One, With all his wigeared corollas, albe-36