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scension) how it was forstold for me by brevet for my vacation1
in life while possessing stout legs to be disbarred after holy orders2
from unnecessary servile work of reckless walking of all sorts for3
the relics of my time for otherwise by my so douching I would4
get into a blame there where sieves fall out, Excelsior tips the best.5
Weak stop work stop walk stop whoak. Go thou this island, one6
housesleep there, then go thou other island, two housesleep there,7
then catch one nightmaze, then home to dearies. Never back a8
woman you defend, never get quit of a friend on whom you9
depend never make face to a foe till he's rife and never get stuck10
to another man's pfife. Amen; ptah! His hungry will be done! On11
the continent as in Eironesia. But believe me in my simplicity I am12
awful good, I believe, so I am, at the root of me, praised be right13
cheek Discipline! And I can now truthfully declaret before my14
Geity's Pantokreator with my fleshfettered palms on the epizzles15
of the apossels that I do my reasonabler's best to recite my grocery16
beans for mummy mit dummy mot muthar mat bonzar regular,17
genuflections enclosed. Hek domov muy, there thou beest on the18
hummock, ghee up, ye dog, for your daggily broth, etc., Happy19
Maria and Glorious Patrick, etc., etc. In fact, always, have I20
believe. Greedo! Her's me hongue!21
          And it is the fullsoot of a tarabred. Yet one minute's ob- 22
servation, dear dogmestic Shaun, as we point out how you have23
while away painted our town a wearing greenridinghued.24
          O murder mere, how did you hear? Shaun replied, smoil- 25
ing the ily way up his lampsleeve (it just seemed the natural thing26
to do), so shy of light was he then. Well, so be it! The gloom hath27
rays, her lump is love. And I will confess to have, yes. Your28
diogneses is anonest man's. Thrubedore I did! Inditty I did. All lay29
I did. Down with the Saozon ruze! And I am afraid it wouldn't30
be my first coat's wasting after striding on the vampire and blaz-31
ing on the focoal. See! blazing on the focoal. As see! blazing upon32
the foe. Like the regular redshank I am. Impregnable as the mule33
himself. Somebody may perhaps hint at an aughter impression34
of was wrong. No such a thing! You never made a more freud-35
ful mistake, excuse yourself! What's pork to you means meat to36