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ing over me that is put upon me from on high out of the book of1
breedings and so as it is becoming hairydittary I have of coerce2
nothing in view to look forward at unless it is Swann and beat-3
ing the blindquarters out of my oldfellow's orologium oloss olo-4
rium. A bad attack of maggot it feels like. 'Tis trope, custodian5
said. Almost might I say of myself, while keeping out of crime,6
I am now becoming about fed up be going circulating about them7
new hikler's highways like them nameless souls, ercked and skorned8
and grizzild all over, till it's rusty October in this bleak forest9
and was veribally complussed by thinking of the crater of some10
noted volcano or the Dublin river or the catchalot trouth subsi-11
dity as away out or to isolate i from my multiple Mes on the12
spits of Lumbage Island or bury meself, clogs, coolcellar and all,13
deep in my wineupon ponteen unless Morrissey's colt could help14
me or the gander maybe at 49 as it is a tithe fish so it is, this15
pig's stomach business, and where on dearth or in the miraculous16
meddle of this expending umniverse to turn since it came into17
my hands I am hopeless off course to be doing anything con-18
          We expect you are, honest Shaun, we agreed, but from 20
franking machines, limricked, that in the end it may well turn out,21
we hear to be you, our belated, who will bear these open letter.22
Speak to us of Emailia.23
          As, Shaun replied patly, with tootlepick tact too and a 24
down of his dampers, to that I have the gumpower and, by the25
benison of Barbe, that is a lock to say with everything, my be-26
          Would you mind telling us, Shaun honey, beg little big 28
moreboy, we proposed to such a dear youth, where mostly are29
you able to work. Ah, you might! Whimper and we shall.30
          Here! Shaun replied, while he was fondling one of his 31
cowheel cuffs. There's no sabbath for nomads and I mostly was32
able to walk, being too soft for work proper, sixty odd eilish33
mires a week between three masses a morn and two chaplets at34
eve. I am always telling those pedestriasts, my answerers, Top,35
Sid and Hucky, now (and it is a veriest throth as the thieves' re-36