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Wouldndom! But, Gemini, he's looking frightfully thin! I heard1
the man Shee shinging in the pantry bay. Down among the dust-2
bins let him lie! Ear! Ear! Not ay! Eye! Eye! For I'm at the heart3
of it. Yet I cannot on my solemn merits as a recitativer recollect4
ever having done of anything of the kind to deserve of such.5
Not the phost of a nation! Nor by a long trollop! I just didn't have6
the time to. Saint Anthony Guide!7
          But have we until now ever besought you, dear Shaun, we 8
remembered, who it was, good boy, to begin with, who out of9
symphony gave you the permit?10
          Goodbye now, Shaun replied, with a voice pure as a church- 11
mode, in echo rightdainty, with a good catlick tug at his coco-12
moss candylock, a foretaste in time of his cabbageous brain's13
curlyflower. Athiacaro! Comb his tar odd gee sing your mower14
O meeow? Greet thee Good? How are them columbuses! Lard15
have mustard on them! Fatiguing, very fatiguing. Hobos horn-16
knees and the corveeture of my spine. Poumeerme! My heaviest17
crux and dairy lot it is, with a bed as hard as the thinkamuddles18
of the Greeks and a board as bare as a Roman altar. I'm off19
rabbited kitchens and relief porridgers. No later than a very few20
fortnichts since I was meeting on the Thinker's Dam with a pair21
of men out of glasshouse whom I shuffled hands with named22
MacBlacks       I think their names is MacBlakes      from the Headfire23
Clump       and they were improving me and making me beliek no24
five hour factory life with insufficient emollient and industrial25
disabled for them that day o'gratises. I have the highest grati-26
fication by anuncing how I have it from whowho but Hagios27
Colleenkiller's prophecies. After suns and moons, dews and28
wettings, thunders and fires, comes sabotag. Solvitur palum-29
ballando! Tilvido! Adie!30
          Then, we explained, salve a tour, ambly andy, you possibly 31
might be so by order?32
          Forgive me, Shaun repeated from his liquid lipes, not what 33
I wants to do a strike of work but it was condemned on me pre-34
mitially by Hireark Books and Chiefoverseer Cooks in their35
Eusebian Concordant Homilies and there does be a power com-36