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while the whistling prairial roysters play, between gormandising1
and gourmeteering, he grubbed his tuck all right, deah smorregos,2
every time he was for doing dirt to a meal or felt like a bottle of3
ardilaun arongwith a smag of a lecker biss of a welldressed taart4
or. Though his net intrants wight weighed nought but a flyblow5
to his gross and ganz afterduepoise. And he was so jarvey jaunty6
with a romp of a schoolgirl's completion sitting pretty over his7
Oyster Monday print face and he was plainly out on the ramp and8
mash, as you might say, for he sproke.9
    Overture and beginners! 10
    When lo (whish, O whish!) mesaw mestreamed, as the green 11
to the gred was flew, was flown, through deafths of durkness12
greengrown deeper I heard a voice, the voce of Shaun, vote of13
the Irish, voise from afar (and cert no purer puer palestrine e'er14
chanted panangelical mid the clouds of Tu es Petrus, not15
Michaeleen Kelly, not Mara O'Mario, and sure, what more16
numerose Italicuss ever rawsucked frish uov in urinal?), a brieze17
to Yverzone o'er the brozaozaozing sea, from Inchigeela call18
the way how it suspired (morepork! morepork!) to scented19
nightlife as softly as the loftly marconimasts from Clifden sough20
open tireless secrets (mauveport! mauveport!) to Nova Scotia's21
listing sisterwands. Tubetube!22
    His handpalm lifted, his handshell cupped, his handsign pointed, 23
his handheart mated, his handaxe risen, his handleaf fallen.24
Helpsome hand that holemost heals! What is het holy! It gested.25
    And it said: 26
          Alo, alass, aladdin, amobus! Does she lag soft fall means 27
rest down? Shaun yawned, as his general address rehearsal,28
(that was antepropreviousday's pigeons-in-a-pie with rough29
dough for the carrier and the hash-say-ugh of overgestern pluzz30
the 'stuesday's shampain in his head, with the memories of the31
past and the hicnuncs of the present embelliching the musics of32
the futures from Miccheruni's band) addressing himself ex alto33
and complaining with vocal discontent it was so close as of34
the fact the rag was up and of the briefs and billpasses, a houseful35
of deadheads, of him to dye his paddycoats to morn his hestern-36