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gleam darkling adown surface of affluvial flowandflow as again1
might seem garments of laundry reposing a leasward close at2
hand in full expectation. And as I was jogging along in a dream as3
dozing I was dawdling, arrah, methought broadtone was heard and4
the creepers and the gliders and flivvers of the earth breath and5
the dancetongues of the woodfires and the hummers in their6
ground all vociferated echoating: Shaun! Shaun! Post the post!7
with a high voice and O, the higher on high the deeper and low,8
I heard him so! And lo, mescemed somewhat came of the noise9
and somewho might amove allmurk. Now, 'twas as clump, now10
mayhap. When look, was light and now 'twas as flasher, now11
moren as the glaow. Ah, in unlitness 'twas in very similitude,12
bless me, 'twas his belted lamp! Whom we dreamt was a shaddo,13
sure, he's lightseyes, the laddo! Blessed momence, O romence,14
he's growing to stay! Ay, he who so swayed a will of a wisp15
before me, hand prop to hand, prompt side to the pros, dressed16
like an earl in just the correct wear, in a classy mac Frieze o'coat17
of far suparior ruggedness, indigo braw, tracked and tramped,18
and an Irish ferrier collar, freeswinging with mereswin lacers from19
his shoulthern and thick welted brogues on him hammered to suit20
the scotsmost public and climate, iron heels and sparable soles, and21
his jacket of providence wellprovided woolies with a softrolling22
lisp of a lapel to it and great sealingwax buttons, a good helping23
bigger than the slots for them, of twentytwo carrot krasnapopp-24
sky red and his invulnerable burlap whiskcoat and his popular25
choker, Tamagnum sette-and-forte and his loud boheem toy and26
the damasker's overshirt he sported inside, a starspangled zephyr27
with a decidedly surpliced crinklydoodle front with his motto28
through dear life embrothred over it in peas, rice, and yeggy-29
yolk, Or for royal, Am for Mail, R.M.D. hard cash on the nail30
and the most successfully carried gigot turnups now you ever,31
(what a pairfact crease! how amsolookly kersse!) breaking over32
the ankle and hugging the shoeheel, everything the best      none33
other from (Ah, then may the turtle's blessings of God and Mary34
and Haggispatrick and Huggisbrigid be souptumbling all over35
him!) other than (and may his hundred thousand welcome stewed36