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Conry ap Mul or Lap ap Morion and Buffler ap Matty Mac1
Gregory for Marcus on Podex by Daddy de Wyer, old baga-2
broth, beeves and scullogues, churls and vassals, in same, sept3
and severalty and one by one and sing a mamalujo. To the4
heroest champion of Eren and his braceoelanders and Gowan,5
Gawin and Gonne.6
    And after that now in the future, please God, after nonpenal 7
start, all repeating ourselves, in medios loquos, from where he got8
a useful arm busy on the touchline, due south of her western9
shoulder down to death and the love embrace, with an interesting10
tallow complexion and all now united, sansfamillias, let us ran on11
to say oremus prayer and homeysweet homely, after fully realis-12
ing the gratifying experiences of highly continental evenements,13
for meter and peter to temple an eslaap, for auld acquaintance, to14
Peregrine and Michael and Farfassa and Peregrine, for navigants15
et peregrinantibus, in all the old imperial and Fionnachan sea and16
for vogue awallow to a Miss Yiss, you fascinator, you, sing a17
lovasteamadorion to Ladyseyes, here's Tricks and Doelsy, de-18
lightfully ours, in her doaty ducky little blue and roll his hoop19
and how she ran, when wit won free, the dimply blissed and aw-20
fully bucked, right glad we never shall forget, thoh the dayses21
gone still they loves young dreams and old Luke with his22
kingly leer, so wellworth watching, and Senchus Mor, possessed23
of evident notoriety, and another more of the bigtimers, to name24
no others, of whom great things were expected in the fulmfilming25
department, for the lives of Lazarus and auld luke syne and she26
haihaihail her kobbor kohinor sehehet on the praze savohole27
    Hear, O hear, Iseult la belle ! Tristan, sad hero, hear ! The Lambeg 29
drum, the Lombog reed, the Lumbag fiferer, the Limibig brazenaze.30
Anno Domini nostri sancti Jesu Christi32
Nine hundred and ninetynine million pound sterling in the blueblack33
    bowels of the bank of Ulster. 34
Braw bawbees and good gold pounds, galore, my girleen, a Sunday'll35
    prank thee finely. 36