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maiden name, for overflauwing, by the dream of woman the1
owneirist, in forty lands. From Greg and Doug on poor Greg2
and Mat and Mar and Lu and Jo, now happily buried, our four!3
And there she was right enough, that lovely sight enough, the4
girleen bawn asthore, as for days galore, of planxty Gregory.5
Egory. O bunket not Orwin! Ay, ay.6
    But, sure, that reminds me now, like another tellmastory re- 7
peating yourself, how they used to be in lethargy's love, at the8
end of it all, at that time (up) always, tired and all, after doing the9
mousework and making it up, over their community singing10
(up) the top loft of the voicebox, of Mamalujo like the senior11
follies at murther magrees, squatting round, two by two, the four12
confederates, with Caxons the Coswarn, up the wet air register13
in Old Man's House, Millenium Road, crowning themselves in14
lauraly branches, with their cold knees and their poor (up) quad15
rupeds, ovasleep, and all dolled up, for their blankets and materny16
mufflers and plimsoles and their bowl of brown shackle and17
milky and boterham clots, a potion a peace, a piece aportion, a18
lepel alip, alup a lap, for a cup of kindest yet, with hold take hand19
and nurse and only touch of ate, a lovely munkybown and for20
xmell and wait the pinch and prompt poor Marcus Lyons to be not21
beheeding the skillet on for the live of ghosses but to pass the teeth22
for choke sake, Amensch, when it so happen they were all syca-23
more and by the world forgot, since the phlegmish hoopicough,24
for all a possabled, after ete a bad cramp and johnny magories, and25
backscrat the poor bedsores and the farthing dip, their caschal26
pandle of magnegnousioum, and read a letter or two every night,27
before going to dodo sleep atrance, with their catkins coifs, in28
the twilight, a capitaletter, for further auspices, on their old one29
page codex book of old year's eve 1132, M.M.L.J. old style, their30
Senchus Mor, by his fellow girl, the Mrs Shemans, in her summer31
seal houseonsample, with the caracul broadtail, her totam in32
tutu, final buff noonmeal edition, in the regatta covers, uptenable33
from the orther, for to regul their reves by incubation, and Lally,34
through their gangrene spentacles, and all the good or they35
did in their time, the rigorists, for Roe and O'Mulcnory a36