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both lines of forwards (Eburnea's down, boys !) rightjingbangshot1
into the goal of her gullet.2
    Alris! 3
    And now, upright and add them! And plays be honest! And 4
pullit into yourself, as on manowoman do another ! Candidately,5
everybody! A mot for amot. Comong, meng, and douh! There6
was this, wellyoumaycallher, a strapping modern old ancient7
Irish prisscess, so and so hands high, such and such paddock8
weight, in her madapolam smock, nothing under her hat but9
red hair and solid ivory (now you know it's true in your10
hardup hearts!) and a firstclass pair of bedroom eyes, of most11
unhomy blue, (how weak we are, one and all!) the charm12
of favour's fond consent! Could you blame her, we're saying,13
for one psocoldlogical moment? What would Ewe do? With14
that so tiresome old milkless a ram, with his tiresome duty15
peck and his bronchial tubes, the tiresome old hairyg orangogran16
beaver, in his tiresome old twennysixandsixpenny sheopards17
plods drowsers and his thirtybobandninepenny tails plus toop!18
Hagakhroustioun! It were too exceeding really if one woulds19
to offer at sulk an oldivirdual a pinge of hinge hit. The20
mainest thing ever ! Since Edem was in the boags noavy. No, no,21
the dear heaven knows, and the farther the from it, if the whole22
stole stale mis betold, whoever the gulpable, and whatever the23
pulpous was, the twooned togethered, and giving the mhost24
phassionable wheathers, they were doing a lally a lolly a dither25
a duther one lelly two dather three lilly four dother. And it was26
a fiveful moment for the poor old timetetters, ticktacking, in tenk27
the count. Till the spark that plugged spared the chokee he28
gripped and (volatile volupty, how brieved are thy lunguings!)29
they could and they could hear like of a lisp lapsing, that30
was her knight of the truths thong plipping out of her chapell-31
ledeosy, after where he had gone and polped the questioned.32
    Ah now, it was tootwoly torrific, the mummurrlubejubes ! And 34
then after that they used to be so forgetful, counting mother-35
peributts (up one up four) to membore her beaufu mouldern36