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selfdom (murky whey, abstrew adim!) in the higherdimissional1
selfless Allself, theemeeng Narsty meetheeng Idoless, and telling2
Jolly MacGolly, dear mester John, the belated dishevelled, hack-3
ing away at a parchment pied, and all the other analist, the4
steamships ant the ladies'foursome, ovenfor, nedenfor, dinkety,5
duk, downalupping, (how long tandem !) like a foreretyred schoon-6
masters, and their pair of green eyes and peering in, so they say, like7
the narcolepts on the lakes of Coma, through the steamy win-8
dows, into the honeymoon cabins, on board the big steamadories,9
made by Fumadory, and the saloon ladies' madorn toilet chambers10
lined over prawn silk and rub off the salty catara off a windows11
and, hee hee, listening, qua committe, the poor old quakers, oben12
the dure, to see all the hunnishmooners and the firstclass ladies,13
serious me, a lass spring as you fancy, and sheets far from the lad,14
courting in blankets, enfamillias, and, shee shee, all improper, in a15
lovely mourning toilet, for the rosecrumpler, the thrilldriver, the16
sighinspirer, with that olive throb in his nude neck, and, swayin17
and thayin, thanks ever so much for the tiny quote, which sought18
of maid everythingling again so very much more delightafellay,19
and the perfidly suite of her, bootyfilly yours, under all their20
familiarities, by preventing grace, forgetting to say their grace be-21
fore chambadory, before going to boat with the verges of the22
chaptel of the opering of the month of Nema Knatut, so pass the23
poghue for grace sake. Amen. And all, hee hee hee, quaking, so24
fright, and, shee shee, shaking. Aching. Ay, ay.25
    For it was then a pretty thing happened of pure diversion 26
mayhap, when his flattering hend, at the justright moment, like27
perchance some cook of corage might clip the lad on a poot of28
porage handshut his duckhouse, the vivid girl, deaf with love,29
(ah sure, you know her, our angel being, one of romance's fade-30
less wonderwomen, and, sure now, we all know you dote on31
her even unto date!) with a queeleetlecree of joysis crisis she32
renulited their disunited, with ripy lepes to ropy lopes (the dear33
o'dears!) and the golden importunity of aloofer's leavetime,34
when, as quick, is greased pigskin, Amoricas Champius, with one35
aragan throust, druve the massive of virilvigtoury flshpst the36