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door, or leaning out of the chair, or kneeling under the sofa-1
cover and setting on the souptureen, getting into their way2
something barbarous, changing the one wet underdown convi-3
brational bed or they used to slumper under, when hope was there4
no more, and putting on their half a hat and falling over all synop-5
ticals and a panegyric and repeating themselves, like svvollovv-6
ing, like the time they were dadging the talkeycook that chased7
them, look look all round the stool, walk everywhere for a jool,8
to break fyre to all the rancers, to collect all and bits of brown,9
the rathure's evelopment in spirits of time in all fathom of space10
and slooping around in a bawneen and bath slippers and go away11
to Oldpatrick and see a doctor Walker. And after that so glad12
they had their night tentacles and there they used to be, flapping13
and cycling, and a dooing a doonloop, panementically, around14
the waists of the ships, in the wake of their good old Foehn15
again, as tyred as they were, at their windswidths in the16
waveslength, the clipperbuilt and the five fourmasters and17
Lally of the cleftoft bagoderts and Roe of the fair cheats, ex-18
changing fleas from host to host, with arthroposophia, and he19
selling him before he forgot, issle issle, after having prealably20
dephlegmatised his gutterful of throatyfrogs, with a lungible fong21
in his suckmouth ear, while the dear invoked to the coolun dare22
by a palpabrows lift left no doubt in his minder, till he was in-23
stant and he was trustin, sister soul in brother hand, the subjects24
being their passion grand, that one fresh from the cow about25
Aithne Meithne married a mailde and that one too from Engr-26
vakon saga abooth a gooth a gev a gotheny egg and the park-27
side pranks of quality queens, katte efter kinne, for Earl Hooved-28
soon's choosing and Huber and Harman orhowwhen theeupon-29
thus (chchch!) eysolt of binnoculises memostinmust egotum30
sabcunsciously senses upers the deprofundity of multimathema-31
tical immaterialities wherebejubers in the pancosmic urge the32
allimmanence of that which Itself is Itself Alone (hear, O hear,33
Caller Errin!) exteriorises on this ourherenow plane in disunited34
solod, likeward and gushious bodies with (science, say!) peril-35
whitened passionpanting pugnoplangent intuitions of reunited36