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and beard, (Erminia Reginia!) in or aring or around about the1
year of buy in disgrace 1132 or 1169 or 1768 Y.W.C.A., at the2
Married Male Familyman's Auctioneer's court in Arrahnacuddle.3
Poor Johnny of the clan of the Dougals, the poor Scuitsman,4
(Hohannes !) nothing if not amorous, dinna forget, so frightened5
(Zweep! Zweep!) on account of her full bottom, (undullable6
attraxity!) that put the yearl of mercies on him, and the four7
maasters, in chors, with a hing behangd them, because he was8
so slow to borstel her schoon for her, when he was grooming her9
ladyship, instead of backscratching her materfamilias proper, like10
any old methodist, and all divorced and innasense interdict, in11
the middle of the temple, according to their dear faithful. Ah, now,12
it was too bad, too bad and stout entirely, all the missoccurs; and13
poor Mark or Marcus Bowandcoat, from the brownesberrow in14
nolandsland, the poor old chronometer, all persecuted with ally15
croaker by everybody, by decree absolute, through Herrinsilde,16
because he forgot himself, making wind and water, and made17
a Neptune's mess of all of himself, sculling over the giamond's18
courseway, and because he forgot to remember to sign an old19
morning proxy paper, a writing in request to hersute herself, on20
stamped bronnanoleum, from Roneo to Giliette, before saying21
his grace before fish and then and there and too there was22
poor Dion Cassius Poosycomb, all drowned too, before the23
world and her husband, because it was most improper and most24
wrong, when he attempted to (well, he was shocking poor in25
his health, he said, with the shingles falling off him), because26
he (ah, well now, peaces pea to Wedmore and let not the song go27
dumb upon your Ire, as we say in the Spasms of Davies, and we28
won't be too hard on him as an old Manx presbyterian) and after29
that, as red as a Rosse is, he made his last will and went to con-30
fession, like the general of the Berkeleyites, at the rim of the rom,31
on his two bare marrowbones, to Her Worship his Mother and32
Sister Evangelist Sweainey, on Cailcainnin widnight and he was33
so sorry, he was really, because he left the bootybutton in the34
handsome cab and now, tell the truth, unfriends never, (she was35
his first messes dogess and it was a very pretty peltry and there36