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Newslaters and the mossacre of Saint Brices, to forget the past,1
when the burglar he shoved the wretch in churneroil, and con-2
tradicting all about Lally, the ballest master of Gosterstown, and3
his old fellow, the Lagener, in the Locklane Lighthouse, earing his4
wick with a pierce of railing, and liggen hig with his ladder up, and5
that oldtime turner and his sadderday erely cloudsing, the old6
croniony, Skelly, with the lether belly, full of neltts, full of keltts,7
full of lightweight beltts and all the bald drakes or ever he had up8
in the bohereen, off Artsichekes Road, with Moels and Mahmullagh9
Mullarty, the man in the Oran mosque, and the old folks at home10
and Duignan and Lapole and the grand confarreation, as per the11
cabbangers richestore, of the filest archives, and he couldn't stop12
laughing over Tom Tim Tarpey, the Welshman, and the four13
middleaged widowers, all nangles, sangles, angles and wangles.14
And now, that reminds me, not to forget the four of the Welsh15
waves, leaping laughing, in their Lumbag Walk, over old Battle-16
shore and Deaddleconchs, in their half a Roman hat, with an an-17
cient Greek gloss on it, in Chichester College auction and, thank18
God, they were all summarily divorced, four years before, or so19
they say, by their dear poor shehusbands, in dear byword days,20
and never brought to mind, to see no more the rainwater on the21
floor but still they parted, raining water laughing, per Nupiter22
Privius, only terpary, on the best of terms and be forgot, whilk was23
plainly foretolk by their old pilgrim cocklesong or they were sing-24
ing through the wettest indies As I was going to Burrymecarott we25
fell in with a lout by the name of Peebles as also in another place by26
their orthodox proverb so there was said thus That old fellow27
knows milk though he's not used to it latterly. And so they parted.28
In Dalkymont nember to. Ay, ay. The good go and the wicked29
is left over. As evil flows so Ivel flows. Ay, ay. Ah, well sure,30
that's the way. As the holymaid of Kunut said to the haryman31
of Koombe. For his humple pesition in odvices. Woman. Squash.32
Part. Ay, ay. By decree absolute.33
    Lucas. And, O so well they could remembore at that time, when 34
Carpery of the Goold Fins was in the kingship of Poolland, Mrs35
Dowager Justice Squalchman, foorsitter, in her fullbottom wig36