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sages and the Plymouth brethren, droning along, peanzanzangan,1
and nodding and sleeping away there, like forgetmenots, in her2
abijance service, round their twelve tables, per pioja at pulga3
bollas, in the four trinity colleges, for earnasyoulearning Erin-4
growback, of Ulcer, Moonster, Leanstare and Cannought, the5
four grandest colleges supper the matther of Erryn, of Killorcure6
and Killthemall and Killeachother and Killkelly-on-the-Flure,7
where their role was to rule the round roll that Rollo and Rullo8
rolled round. Those were the grandest gynecollege histories9
(Lucas calling, hold the line!) in the Janesdanes Lady Anders-10
daughter Universary, for auld acquaintance sake (this unitarian11
lady, breathtaking beauty, Bambam's bonniest, lived to a great12
age at or in or about the late No. 1132 or No. 1169, bis, Fitzmary13
Round where she was seen by many and widely liked) for teach-14
ing the Fatima Woman history of Fatimiliafamilias, repeating her-15
self, on which purposeth of the spirit of nature as difinely deve-16
loped in time by psadatepholomy, the past and present (Johnny17
MacDougall speaking, give me trunks, miss!) and present and18
absent and past and present and perfect arma virumque romano.19
Ah, dearo, dear! O weep for the hower when eve aleaves bower!20
How it did but all come eddaying back to them, if they did but21
get gaze, gagagniagnian, to hear him there, kiddling and cuddling22
her, after the gouty old galahat, with his peer of quinnyfears and23
his troad of thirstuns, so nefarious, from his elevation of one24
yard one handard and thartytwo lines, before the four of us, in25
his Roman Catholic arms, while his deepseepeepers gazed and26
sazed and dazecrazemazed into her dullokbloon rodolling olo-27
sheen eyenbowls by the Cornelius Nepos, Mnepos. Anumque,28
umque. Napoo.29
    Queh? Quos? 30
    Ah, dearo dearo dear! Bozun braceth brythe hwen gooses 31
gandered gamen. Mahazar ag Dod ! It was so scalding sorry for all32
the whole twice two four of us, with their familiar, making the toten,33
and Lally when he lost part of his half a hat and all belongings to34
him, in his old futile manner, cape, towel and drawbreeches, and35
repeating himself and telling him now, for the seek of Senders36