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old conk cruised now croons the yunk. Exeunc throw a darras1
Kram of Llawnroc, ye gink guy, kirked into yord. Enterest at-2
tawonder Wehpen, luftcat revol, fairescapading in his natsirt.3
Tuesy tumbles. And mild aunt Liza is as loose as her neese. Ful-4
fest withim inbrace behent. As gent would deem oncontinent.5
So mulct per wenche is Elsker woed. Ne hath his thrysting. Fin.6
Like the newcasters in their old plyable of A Royenne Devours.7
Jazzaphoney and Mirillovis and Nippy she nets best. Fing. Ay,8
ay ! Sobbos. And so he was. Sabbus.9
    Marcus. And after that, not forgetting, there was the Flemish 10
armada, all scattered, and all officially drowned, there and then, on11
a lovely morning, after the universal flood, at about aleven thirty-12
two was it? off the coast of Cominghome and Saint Patrick, the13
anabaptist, and Saint Kevin, the lacustrian, with toomuch of tolls14
and lottance of beggars, after converting Porterscout and Dona,15
our first marents, and Lapoleon, the equestrian, on his whuite16
hourse of Hunover, rising Clunkthurf over Cabinhogan and all17
they remembored and then there was the Frankish floot of Noahs-18
dobahs, from Hedalgoland, round about the freebutter year of19
Notre Dame 1132 P.P.O. or so, disumbunking from under20
Motham General Bonaboche, (noo poopery!) in his half a grey21
traditional hat, alevoila come alevilla, and after that there he was,22
so terrestrial, like a Nailscissor, poghuing her scandalous and very23
wrong, the maid, in single combat, under the sycamores, amid24
the bludderings from the boom and all the gallowsbirds in Arrah-25
na-Poghue, so silvestrious, neer the Queen's Colleges, in 113226
Brian or Bride street, behind the century man on the door. And27
then again they used to give the grandest gloriaspanquost univer-28
sal howldmoutherhibbert lectures on anarxaquy out of doxarch-29
ology (hello, Hibernia!) from sea to sea (Matt speaking!) accord-30
ing to the pictures postcard, with sexon grimmacticals, in the31
Latimer Roman history, of Latimer repeating himself, from the32
vicerine of Lord Hugh, the Lacytynant, till Bockleyshuts the rah-33
jahn gerachknell and regnumrockery roundup, (Marcus Lyons34
speaking!) to the oceanfuls of collegians green and high classes35
and the poor scholars and all the old trinitarian senate and saints and36